Aussie Blitzes Field Days

Aussie Blitzes Field Days
Brad Farrugia and Adam Scully prepare to take a swag of new products to the market on this year’s field days circuit.

The Aussie Pump Team is ready to hit the field day trail with an expanded range of self-priming centrifugal pumps! The Australian Pump R & D team have worked on a wide range of new products that will cut farmers costs and aid productivity.

“We know that farmers want convenience, safety and performance,” said Aussie Pumps Distributor Manager, Brad Farrugia. “It’s customer contact at field days that guide our future development program,” he said.

The Aussie team will be touring all state major field days with the expanded range of petrol and diesel drive self-priming pumps. “We’ve got big, cost effective Kubota diesel powered transfer and fire pumps that out perform and out feature anything else in the market,” said Farrugia. “The best news for consumers is that our increasing volume means lower costs and therefore lower prices!” he said.

The Aussie Pump range now begins with small 1” Ultralite pumps, Honda engine powered, that perform as multipurpose farm tools. Their high flow and high pressure mean the pumps have roles in fire fighting, transfer and even garden irrigation. “Farmers love our Aussie Ultralites because they weigh as little as 7½kg!” said Farrugia. “Honda developed the little lightweight 4 stroke engine and we package every single one with an absolutely free 5 year warranty.” he said.

The pump line up also includes multipurpose high pressure twin impeller and single impeller transfer pumps. Available with either Honda petrol, Kubota or Yanmar diesel engines, they represent great value for money and are all backed by the famous 5 year warranty plan.

One of the stars of the show will be the new version of the big twin impeller “Mr T” high pressure pump. It started its career as a high pressure fire pump but now fulfils a wide range of duties from big plant wash down and cleaning stock crates to long distance water transfer. The Mr T delivers more water at higher heads and is powered by either Honda petrol or a big Yanmar 10hp electric start air cooled diesel engine.

The Aussie Mr T comes in a heavy duty roll frame. The diesel versions are supplied standard with a galvanised steel frame with anti-vibration mounts and a separate sub base.

“We’ve loaded these high pressure pumps up with features and dropped the price dramatically to match the increased volume we’ve made in the last few years,” said Farrugia. “Farmers love the prices and Aussie Pump dealers around the country will be showing the full range at this year’s field days,” he said.

Pressure cleaners will also be on display. The Aussie Scud has been expanded into a wider range to suit all cleaning applications. There’s more flow and more pressure enabling farmers to use these terrific Australian designed pressure cleaners for clean up duties in livestock and machinery.

“We’ve got big poultry and piggery farm operators using configurations of the Scud. It’s even being used in the cleaning down of sprayers, combines and sugar cane harvesters,” said Farrugia.

The Aussie Scud has won awards around the world for design excellence. The company proudly registered the design and now export this amazing product to countries all over the world. “The Scud’s story is a classic example of Australian ingenuity and design excellence,” Farrugia said. “It put us on the map internationally,” he added.

Farmers like the Scud’s OH&S friendly design, convenience, manoeuvrability and the incredible punch of pressure and flow that the machine delivers. Machines are available with pressures up to 7,000psi and flows to 31 litres a minute. Farmers buy everything from the 2,000psi basic Scud AB20 all the way through to 7,000psi big boys. “High flow versions especially for livestock waste are our speciality,” said Farrugia.

In the agspray end of the market Aussie is launching a wide range of new sprayers based on the Udor line of diaphragm pumps. The sprayers all come with heavy duty steel scoop frames suitable for trailer or ute mounting. Honda engines are the choice of the company’s engineers because of their efficiency, fuel economy and the availability of service stations all over, not only Australia, but the South Pacific. Honda proudly sponsors Australian Pump and supports its innovative design program.

The agspray range has also been expanded and now engine drive machines are available, designed specifically for tough jobs like chicken shed clean out and sanitisation, with flows up to 150 ltrs a minute and pressure up to 500 bar.

“You can see our engineers have been working night and day to get products prototyped and fully market tested before we do the launch,” said Farrugia. “Every year the release with new products coincide with the field days. It’s like Christmas at Aussie Pumps. We’re proud of what we do, particularly with developing gear that suits farmers’ needs,” he said.

Part of the new package on offer this year is product from the world’s biggest submersible pump manufacturer, Tsurumi Pump from Osaka in Japan. Tsurumi’s factory in Kyoto has a capacity to build up to one million pumps a year, making them by far the biggest manufacturer of submersible pumps in the world.

Tsurumi’s product line includes not only dewatering, drainage and effluent pumps but a wide range of products suitable for livestock waste handling. These include submersible aerators for processing waste liquids. They accelerate the breakdown of animal waste materials, and complement a complete range of non-clog style pumps.

“Tsurumi product range is a huge add on to our existing capabilities, and now provides farmers with cost effective, top quality products for effluent waste handling applications,” said Farrugia. The Tsurumi product range will be on display at major field days across Australia, on Aussie Pump authorised Gold Distributor stands.

Further information including full technical data on all the new products being displayed this year is available from this website.

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