Ag Spray Weed Control Equipment

ag spray weed control equipment
Col Rowland says the Aussie Kappa 43 with Honda 5.5HP engine is a “Big Gun” in the war against weeds.

AG Spray: Col’s War on Weeds

Model: Spraymaster

Top quality weed control equipment is essential for every Australian farmer. Nobody knows this more than well know rural
identity Col Rowland of Col’s Farmers Ag Buying Service. Col ran NSW Farmer’s Buying Service for many years, and is well
know to farmers, not only in NSW, but right throughout the country.

“These compact, cost efficient Aussie Ag Spray kits are ideal for spot spraying weeds, and the elimination of lantana and
blackberries” says Col Rowland. “They use only Honda petrol engines, but offer an option of Yanmar diesels,” he said.

The Aussie Spraymaster Ag Spray kits feature Udor diaphragm pumps that deliver a range of pressures and flows to 50 bar (710 psi) and flows of up to 150 litres per minute. They use a gear box drive design to deliver a steady slow speed of 524 rpm while maintaining full pressure performance.

All machines come complete with integrated controls that enable the operator to vary pressure and flow to suit the job in hand. The control unit includes a pressure gauge, and a bypass facility to enable the operator to adjust the amount of liquid being returned to the spray tank. All Aussie Spraymasters come with heavy duty steel “banana” skids to make them easy to move on and off the back of utes or trailers. The skids come with anti vibration mounts as standard equipment.

“Aussie offers a range of Rapid Spray tanks to go with the Spraymasters, making it easy for any farmer to set up his own economy spray system” says Col.

The model range starts with 20 bar pressure sprayers designed for hobby farms, golf courses, through to big rigs for broad acre weed eradiation.

Further information on the Aussie Spraymaster Kappa 75 is available on our AG spray page or download our engine drive AG sprayers PDF [79KB]

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