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aussie raptor takes off
New Aussie Raptor Vanguard cuts concrete and strips steelwork with ease.

Aussie Raptor Takes Off

Model: Raptor

Australian Pump is the first company in the country to produce production line quantities of 500 BAR hydro blaster!  Called the “Raptor” series, the company started out building small production runs of five units in three phase electric or diesel drive optional configurations.

Australian Pump Industries has now introduced an economy priced 500 BAR Raptor powered by a 36hp heavy duty vanguard industrial gasoline engine. “We did this to get the costs down and broaden the market for these bigger machines”, said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. “The big Vanguard heavy duty twin cylinder industrial drive engine, built by Daihatsu for Briggs and Stratton, provides loads of grunt and comes equipped to tackle tough onsite conditions”, he said.

The Raptor Vanguard version offers 16 litre per minute flow and provides an awesome result.  It is ideal for steel work, for paint preparation, blasting concrete surfaces clean and can even be used in hydro demolition.

The heart of the machine is a 500 BAR Udor GHC series pump running at 1450 rpm.  The pump features oversized bearings, a heavy duty stainless steel pump head with a multi-fit high capacity crankcase for continuous cool running.

The machine is supplied in a robust galvanized steel frame with big thirteen inch off road style pneumatic tyres with steel wheels.  The machine’s designers equipped it to handle rough site conditions but be manoeuvrable, without the need for cranage.

The machines are equipped with 8000psi rated gun and lance. The lance is stainless steel fitted with a mid mounted Tommy gun style grip that enables the operator to use the machine with a minimum amount of fatigue.

The heavy duty stainless steel Aussie Turbomaster Turbo lance, rated  to 500 BAR, provides the machine with an effective working pressure of up to 12,000psi.  A 500 BAR rated grit blasting attachment is also available for wet sandblasting applications.  This really works on hull cleaning, steel preparation or rust removal.

“Wet gritblasting is intrinsically safer than dry sandblasting, and has been favoured by shipyards and cleaning contractors in the mining and steel fabrication industries”, said John Hales.

The Raptor Vanguard is going to be built in production line quantities with the next run planned for twenty five machines.  “This machine is a real winner”, said John Hales. “It provides tremendous grunt for contract style cleaning at an economy price”, he said.

The Raptor is protected by ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit that includes heavy duty safety valve and a 500 BAR rated unloader, designed for tough onsite conditions.

The big Vanguard 36hp engine provides loads of power.  It comes with a Donaclone cyclopac style air cleaner, making it suitable for applications where dust is a major hazard.

For further information on the Raptor 500 BAR hydro blaster visit our High Pressure Water Cleaners page or download our Cold Water Blasters Industrial Engine Drive Hydro Blasters PDF (217kb).

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