Cast 316 Stainless Steel High Pressure Piston Pumps

stainless steel industrial pump range
The new RA series of 500 bar triplex piston pumps from Bertolini are designed for industrial applications and are backed with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Stainless Steel Industrial Pump Range

Model: Bertolini High Pressure Triplex Pump

A new range of cast 316 stainless steel high pressure piston pumps, designed for both cleaning and industrial applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries.  With pressures as high as 500 bar (7,300 psi) pressure, the new pump range is expected to be of real interest to both general engineering, the mining industry and applications involving salt water, in the areas of both marine and research.

Manufactured by Idromeccanica Bertolini, the big pumps, marketed in Australia under the “Big Berty” brand name by Australian Pump Industries, are widely used in high pressure water blasters, drain cleaning equipment and for mine industrial processing applications.

The new RAM Series triplex pumps offer a wide range of flow pressure options. Maximum pressures of up to 500 bar are available with maximum flows of up to 31 litres per minute.

The pumps are particularly energy efficient because of their design.  They are all equipped with Bertolini’s unique “smart case”, a trade mark design that uses a rib system to release heat away from the pump, eliminating high pump temperatures.

Pump heads are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel with back sections proportionate to the flow required for that particular series. Piston bolts are also 316 stainless steel with precision machined ceramic pistons that guarantee efficiency and minimum friction.

Seals are designed for high temperature, with stainless steel 316 intermediate rings, stainless steel 316 retainers and PTFE anti extrusion rings.  The seals are built to the highest standards and represent of state of the art technology.

Innovative stainless steel 316 valve caps offer a unique design that prevents cap failure due to over-pressurisation.  It does this by isolating the valve cap threads with a bottle seal O-ring that is an exclusive Bertolini design.

Australian Pump are developing a new series of pressure washers in a range of 500 bar, known as the Aussie Raptor series. These will include electric motor, diesel engine or petrol engine drive options.  A line up of hydraulic motor driven units designed for the mining industry will be released later in the year.

Further information on the new Bertolini pumps is available from our High Pressure Cleaners page or download our “Big Berty” Bertolini Triplex Pumps PDF (77kb).

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