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Aussie Trash Pumps … dirty water specialists

Move dirty water fast and efficiently with Aussie’s QP trash pumps.

Aussie’s rugged QP (Quik Prime) trash pumps are available in 2”, 3” and 4” configurations. What’s more, they deliver flows of up to 1800 litres per minute. All in all, they make site dewatering easy, fast and convenient.

We are an ISO certified and fully Australian owned company we’re proud to offer Australia’s largest range of self-priming pumps.. Our extensive dealer network offers you local advice, support and service.

Why Choose Aussie QP Trash Pumps?

Aussie trash pumps are designed to handle solids contaminated water.

  • Reliability – Run by powerful Yanmar diesel and Honda petrol engines, our trash pumps start first time every time.
  • Capability – The large, open vane impellers enable small solids to pass through the pump without clogging. The body features a front mounted cleanout port, which facilitates cleaning the pump internals without disconnecting pipework.
  • Simple to Set Up & Use – Our self-priming trash pumps are easy to set up, operate and service. This makes them convenient to use, saving time and getting the job done faster.
  • Long-Lasting – We build Aussie QP trash pumps with durability and longevity in mind. They feature an abrasive resistant silicon carbide mech seal and high SG cast iron impeller & volute. Our free 5-year QP pump end warranty demonstrates our confidence in the quality of the components.

Aussie Trash Pump Applications

Our high-quality QP trash pumps are ideal for a variety of different applications, including:

  • Construction Site Dewatering
  • Wastewater Handling
  • Effluent Pump Out
  • Livestock Wastewater Disposal
  • Solid Laden Mine Waste Pump Out

Need help with choosing the perfect trash pump for your needs? Contact your local Aussie Pumps dealer today for more information! 

Looking for 6" trash pumps?

Flows to 6,000 lpm, handles solids to 3"
Aussie Trash Pump QP Pumps QP40T GX390 Honda

Models covered

QP203T – QP300T – QP301T – QP40T

petrol drive specification sheet | diesel drive specification sheet mine specification sheet | spares

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Aussie QP Trash Pumps

Aussie Flood Pump
The Aussie QP trash pump range suit construction and mine site dewatering tasks because of their ability to handle dirty water.

Pumps: Aussie Flood Pump

Model: Aussie QP Trash Pumps

Moving dirty flood water requires pumps designed to handle a high solid content. Australian Pump Industries has the largest range of self priming trash pumps with flows up to 6,000 litres per minute.

Available with either Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines, they come in a range of configurations from 2” through to 6”.

Aussie QP trash pumps are ideal for flood mitigation and construction site dewatering duties where the water is often contaminated with debris. All QP trash pumps are designed to handle a high percentage of solids in suspension. Their big, open, “non-clog” style impellers are made from high SG grade cast iron.

An exclusive bronze-copper seal is supplied as standard equipment. The seal is abrasion resistant and is claimed to outlast conventional mechanical seals by up to six times.

The Aussie QP range of trash pumps feature advanced double volutes for fast priming, efficiency and self cleaning. They also include a front cleanout port that enables the operator to clear the pump of debris within a matter of minutes. The cleanout ports can be opened without disconnecting suction or delivery pipe work, a major advantage over conventional self priming pumps.

“The Aussie trash pumps make dewatering a flooded construction site after rain a breeze because of their self priming ability and serviceability,” said Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia. “The pumps are easy to clean out if they get choked because the pipework doesn’t need to be disconnected,” he said.

The Aussie pumps come in a heavy duty galvanised roll frames with anti vibration mounts supplied as standard equipment. The pumps feature excellent efficiencies with a maximum head to 27 metres and will self prime from 7.6m.

All Aussie QP self priming centrifugal trash pumps are covered by a unique five year pump end warranty. Manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality management system, Australian Pump is able to offer consumers this guarantee for no extra cost.

For further information on the full range of Aussie self priming centrifugal pumps visit our Aussie QP Trash Pumps page or download our Petrol Trash Pumps PDF [282KB] or Diesel Trash Pumps PDF [188KB].


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