Aussie Navy Pump

A high capacity portable diesel drive salvage pump designed for Naval applications has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Sea Skipper, model QP402SL/L100, the machine offers operators the advantages of sea water handling combined with excellent performance characteristics.

Aussie’s new Sea Skipper delivers pressure and volume to make it ideal for fire fighting and salvage work at sea. It’s a lightweight package but packs a punch.

Prototypes were tested on DMS vessel Seahorse Mercator three years ago. The product has now been launched internationally and is attracting a lot of interest from Navies around the world.


The pump is fitted with a bronze impeller and volute.  Body housings are manufactured in marine grade aluminium and coated inside and out with epoxy style corrosion resistant paint. The Sea Skipper is designed for a life at sea. It features stainless steel fasteners supplied as standard with a sacrificial anode.

Other features include a galvanised steel mounting plate with ant vibration mounts.  A full galvanised roll frame facilitates movement on board the ship.
The pumps are compact and weight in at a little over 100 kilos. Their compact dimensions are also an advantage length times width times height of 775 mm x 660 mm x 705 mm.


The pump’s performance provides users with a maximum head of 50m (70 psi) and flows of up to 1250 lpm. A higher head version, the SX Skipper, provides 70 metres head and a maximum flow of 700 lpm.

Power is supplied by a 10 hp electric start Yanmar diesel engine fitted with a recoil start backup. Australian Pump chose Yanmar because of its ease of serviceability and availability of parts not just in Australian waters but around the world.

Part of Australian Pumps’ ‘Quik Prime’ range, the pump offers the ability to draft water from depths of 7.8 metres! Priming is fast and positive without the need for external priming devices like hand pumps or exhaust assist.

Its high pressure performance, in the SX version, is ideally suitable for fire fighting at sea. The high flow characteristics of the big bronze closed impeller means it is also capable of carrying out salvage work.

“One of the drivers was the demand for more capability on Patrol Boats for rescue work in the event of illegal immigration or interception of contraband”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales.


An Envelop cover that protects the engine and pump when not in use is readily available. Envelop covers are widely used by the US Navy and the Australian and New Zealand Navies for protection of topside assets.  Developed by Navsea, the covers  have been a huge success in the reduction of maintenance costs and improvement of readiness.  Australian Pump expect the pump to be of real interest to the prime contenders for the Future Frigate program as well as on Australia’s new OPV vessels.

For further information on the Aussie Sea Skipper range,view spec sheet

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