War on Corona, Steam Power Wins

The war on Corona has sharpened the appreciation for the power of steam to kill germs. Local government bodies, food processors, and health services are aware of the power of high pressure steam to kill bacteria!

Imagine an EPA compliant, silenced, clean and capture system that delivers 4,000 psi pressure at 130 degrees C steam! Finish up with disinfectant and Coronavirus is on the ropes!

Australian Pump Industries, is promoting the idea of a “double punch” for cleaning hard surfaces to stop the spread of germs. Aussie’s mobile “clean and capture” high pressure steam cleaner is ideal for this application.

The Aussie Hydro-Loop system provides steam up to 130 degrees C and pressures to 4,000 psi.

“That’s what we mean by the double punch”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “The high pressure steam cleans and sanitises the surface at the same time, with minimum use of chemicals”, he said.


The bigger Aussie Hydro-Loop 4,000 psi machine, is already widely used to clean city-scapes like plazas and outdoor public spaces. The main drive for the system is a water-cooled Kubota diesel engine.

A top quality ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex high pressure pump provides the 4,000 psi and 20 litre per minute flow. This gives the impact of both flow and pressure. The  machine carries it’s own water supply and is self sufficient during the cleaning process.

“We designed this machine with Councils and government departments in mind. It’s unique loop system leaves the job completely clean without polluting the environment”, said Hales.


The clean and capture system consists of a vacuum system that draws up the contaminated water. It is put through a five stage filtration process and returned to the tank for recycling.

The advantages are obvious. The EPA rules are met by preventing contamination of storm water drains. The operator doesn’t need to find a recharging station to fill the 1,000 litre water tank.

Sanitising public amenities, sports facilities, barbeques, tables and chairs in parks and public spaces is easy with the Aussie Hydro-Loop. Using high pressure steam also cleans oil stains from car parks, removes food stains and waste, and even the melts away graffiti.


The latest version of the Aussie Hydro-Loop system comes in a silenced configuration. Called the Aussie Hydro-Hush Loop, it operates at a noise level of 75 dBA, measured at seven metres. “It’s a major innovation and never more topicality than during the age of Corona”, said Hales.

The company stresses that to disinfect, hot water or steam alone may not be sufficient. For a more comprehensive attack on the virus, they recommend reducing the bacteria with hot water or steam before a final application of disinfectant.

For further information on Aussie’s range of “clean and capture” systems click here

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