A new 4″ twin impeller, self-priming fire pump has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The Aussie QPT405SLT, the pump comes with either petrol drive Honda engine or Kubota water cooled diesel engine.

The combination of a huge big belly self-priming body means fast self-priming through a 7 metre vertical lift. The twin impellers deliver high pressures up to 95 metre head and the big water passages provide excellent flow characteristics. For example, the pump will produce 600 litres per minute at 30 kPa or, 200 lpm at 60 kPa.

Aussie’s new big performance 4″ Mr T twin with both Kubota diesel & Honda petrol engines

The units incorporate a 4” suction port that allows more water into the pump, and a three way outlet that can accommodate one 4” or two 3” delivery hoses. The self priming capability is affected by a heavy-duty check valve built into a flanged suction port. The port is easy to remove, making valve cleaning easy.

“The origin of this pump design is our heavy duty petrol and diesel drive 2” and 3” twin impeller pumps that will produce 150 lpm flows at 80 metres head”, said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.


Pumps in this category could be suitable for “G” Wagon light tankers and provide fast fill and high pressure, all in one package.

Aussie Pumps expects the high pressure 4” pump to be of real interest to firefighters and farmers protecting their livestock or crops. They know that it isn’t pressure that puts out fires, but rather high volumes of water delivered at pressure.

“After last year’s record harvest, we can see farmers investing in pumps like this as precaution against the continuing danger of losing the crop as the harvest coincides with the bushfire season!” said Farrugia.

Another advantage of the Aussie self priming pump is the unique five year warranty, provided with all of their QP pump product range.

“We believe we’re the only company in the world to offer a five year warranty on self priming pumps”, said Farrugia. “It’s a clear endorsement of our quality standards and our supply chain control and monitoring that we’re able to do this with complete confidence”, he said.

The company is working on turning this pump into a Sea Skipper configuration because it allows firefighters to use it to pump saltwater to fight fires from the sea. Watch this space!

For a detailed pump spec sheets … Honda petrolKubota diesel

For further information Aussie’s range of high-pressure fire pumps click here.

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