Aussie Fire Cart a Winner

Aussie Fire Cart
The Aussie Pump team check out the new Aussie Fire Cart that converts an Aussie Fire Chief high performance fire pump into a mobile unit that can be easily deployed around a property.

Model: Aussie Fire Cart

A new trolley mounted version of the Aussie Fire Chief bushfire fighting pump is available from Australian Pump Industries dealers across Australia. Called the Aussie Fire Cart, the pump can be easily moved around either farm or bushland property.The Aussie Fire Chief is regarded as being Australia’s iconic high pressure firefighting pump. The only pump of its kind in the world back by an exclusive 5 year warranty, the Fire Chief is claimed to not only outlast competitors but also produce an unequalled combination of pressure and flow. With a maximum flow of 500 lpm and with a maximum head of 75 metres, that’s over 100 psi, the pump simply produces more water at high pressure.

Powered by genuine Honda engines with a horsepower range up to 13HP, these unique pumps are loaded with user friendly features.

The big belly body enables the pump to prime fast from vertical lifts of 7.6 metres. The huge 7.5 inch diameter, hydraulically engineered, one piece impeller weighs up to 2.5 times that of competitors.

“It’s that big impeller that gives us the extra grunt. Combined with a superbly engineered volute it provides fast, efficient priming,” said Product Manager Brad Farrugia.

The pump features a flanged, bolt on suction port that means the check valve can be serviced without having to dismantle the complete pump. The flanged, three way outlet provides a choice of either two 1 inch outlets or a 1.5 inch outlet for top performance. The outlet ports are fitted with metal caps and chains, not plastic!

A big port is built into the lower pump body for easy draining.

“It’s that huge, closed vane, single piece impeller that provides the extra performance. The ability to port more water literally means fires are doused faster, which is vital,” said Farrugia. “We simply put more metal into the pump because we know what users want,” he said

The new heavy duty steel trolley, fitted with big 10 inch foam filled tyre wheels means the pump can operate from a robust steady base, but at the same time is highly mobile.

“We came up with the Fire Cart idea because users want to be able to move the pump around the property rather than be tied to one location,” said Farrugia. “The new trolley makes deploying firefighting pumps convenient and ultimately much safer. Its speed of action that could save outbuildings, livestock or even human life,” he said.

The Aussie Fire Cart is featured in the latest edition of Aussie’s Fire Smart Survival Guide, a comprehensive booklet covering protection of property, livestock and even lives during bushfire season. The guide is available from Australian Pump distributors around Australia.

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