Trash Pumps Suitable for Water Transfer

Australian Pump Industries is a leading builder and supplier of a range of heavy duty trash pumps designed for the mining industry.   In Australia they dominate large sections of the market. Tough pumps are required for the most arduous applications.

The Company’s international success, is based on the development of products designed to handle the toughest environments, performing day in, day out.

Wet Prime Pumps Work

Aussie Pump engineers knew that for tailings dam dewatering engine drive pumps with complicated priming apparatus are being phased out.  “Unless the mine or quarry needs the ability to run and “snore” the dry prime system can be nothing but pain” said Chief Engineer, John Hales.   Dry prime pumps need compressors or vacuum pump systems to enable them to self-prime.  Most aren’t designed for trash handling applications so have trouble handling solids.

“We realised that many dry prime pumps were being misapplied by the mining industry.  There is no real knowledge of the advantages of wet prime trash pumps!” said Hales.

The company believes that the straight forward water transfer, tanker filling or dewatering of flooded mine sites, a simple wet prime pump is far more cost effective.   To transfer site tailings water, silt, even slurries, industry experts recommend heavy duty trash pumps.  Because they have wide open impellers, non-clog design, suitable for handling even sand and silt laden water without “choking”.  The range includes products that start with small 2” pumps, designed to handle 1” solids and varies all the way up to big 6” heavy duty self-priming trash pumps.  These pumps are able to handle flows of up to 6,000 lpm and, offer great advantages in the form of simple servicing.

“Cleaning out a trash pump that has been choked by debris is a matter of a minute or two” said Hales.  “The pump’s unique front opening port, means no dismantling of the pump or disconnection of pipe work in the event of a blockage” he said.


Portable Site Pumps…. The Boss is Born

When Australian Pumps saw the way their trash pumps were being used in the field, they realised that nobody on an Australian site was going to pick up a 2”, 3” or even 4” trash pump to move from one location to another.  Manual handling is not an option.

When products like that need to be moved they are handled by an excavator, front end loader or similar.  “We have seen them being pushed around on sites by crawler dozers!” said Hales.

The protective roll frames on conventional pumps don’t last and cannot protect the heart of the product.

The company decided to develop a range of frames made from heavy duty hot dipped galvanised 35mm steel tube.   Integrated lifting bars provides mobility on site and the frames are so solid that they provide real protection.   Other essentials on any mining company’s wish list included E Stop, battery isolation and fire extinguisher.

The company even offers bunded trays as an option and wheel kits.   The lifting bar, at the point of perfect balance is designed into the frame to enable the unit to be moved easily.

“We decided to call it the “Mine Boss” family because we believe that it is unique in the world and will last in any application” said Hales.   Being self-priming the pumps will handle draught water through a vertical lift of down to 7.6 metres.   No mechanical priming aids are needed and that includes foot valves!.


6” Trash Pump….. Move Water Fast

Using a 6” trash pump in the Mine Boss range means big flows and extreme design features.  The company’s flagship model 600TD is powered by a 60 hp 4 cylinder Deutz air cool diesel engine with electric start.  The pump comes with a huge open non clog style impeller and heavy duty volute.  An oil lubricated tungsten titanium carbide seal is standard equipment!

The big pump will handle 76mm spherical solids with ease.  Designed with minimal maintenance in mind, even the engine comes with a Lofa 620 controller that provides low oil pressure, oil temperature and V-Belt shutdown!

The pumps are being used on mining construction sites around Australia and the South Pacific and been exported around the world.

The machine comes bounded on a super heavy duty skid base with fork truck tine holes. An integrated heavy duty centre mounted lifting bar is also included.  A 152 litre fuel tank is supplied.  This is in the base of the skid allowing the pump to run for approximately 11 hours without refuelling.


Some Like it Mobile

All of these pumps can be trolley or trailer mounted.  The big 6” pump is normally sold with a heavy duty 2” construction style trailer with heavy duty draw bar and military style pintle coupling.  The big pumps feature a 6” heavy duty inlet valve that traps the water in the pump after priming.  After that, it is just a matter of starting the engine and the pump will start to prime.

The outlet is a unique but simple 90 degree discharge elbow that can be installed in any direction.


Too Tough to Break

These big pumps are being used in the highlands of New Guinea in some of the toughest mines in the world.  Others have done great service in even salt harvesting applications where water quality is a huge issue.


Export Action

The company released the Mine Boss range to the world only three years ago.  Since then the pumps are being used in Africa, South East Asia, South America and the Middle East.

“Our Mine Boss pumps are suitable for any application where large temperature variations, dust, even monsoonal rains are potentially an issue” said Hales.  “After all, we get that in the Pilbera, Mt. Isa and in the Northern Territory every year and have to deal with it” he said


Fire Down Below

The Mine Boss has been so popular that they have now developed a unique lightweight portable diesel drive firefighting pump capable of pressures of up to 100 psi.  The pumps will draught water from depths of 7.6 metres and are powered by Yanmar electric start air cooled diesel engines.

“Called the Aussie Fire Chief Mine Boss, they feature heavy duty gal frames, centre mounting lifting bar, fire extinguisher, battery isolation and E Stop” said Hales.  “These pumps are built tough and will provide an invaluable safety resource for mines where fires seem to be occurring on an increasing frequency” he said.

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