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The new 7,300 psi Aussie Raptor electric drive hydro blaster gives super high performance for industrial applications.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Raptor has Claws

Model: Aussie Raptor Plus Electric Drive Hydro Blaster


An upgraded version of the Aussie Raptor 7,000 p.s.i. hydro blaster has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The new machine, powered by an 18.5 kW heavy duty slow speed electric motor, features 7,000 p.s.i. pump pressure matched to 16 litres per minute flow.

The machine is designed for heavy duty mining or industrial applications where super high performance is required.  The machine is claimed to be suitable for cleaning steel work for paint preparation, blasting concrete clean, or even hydro demolition.

The heart of the system is a heavy duty GHC series pump designed to run at 1450 r.p.m. “The combination of 16 litres per minute flow and 7,300 p.s.i. (500 bar) provides an awesome cleaning result” said Aussie Pumps’ John Hales.

The big pump offers a unique triplex design with heavy duty ceramic pistons and stainless steel valves. A stainless steel mono-block style head is resistant to corrosion.

The machine is equipped with an 8,000 p.s.i. rated gun and lance.  The lance is fitted with a mid mounted “Tommy Gun” style grip that enables the operator to use the machine with the minimum amount of fatigue.

Heavy duty stainless steel Aussie Turbomaster turbo lances, rated to 500 bar, provide the machine with an EWP (Effective Working Pressure) of 12,000 p.s.i. A 500 bar rated grit blasting attachment is also available for wet sandblasting applications involving steel work, machinery or ship cleaning.

“Wet sandblasting is intrinsically safer than dry sand blasts, and has been favoured by shipyards and cleaning contractors in the mining and steel fabrication industries” said Hales.

The Raptor is built by Australian Pump Industries in production quantities, bringing it’s cost down to a fraction of the price of custom built machines.

“This Australian designed and built machine is a real winner” said Hales.  “The company expects significant export activity, and has already shipped machines overseas into mining and hydrostatic test applications” he said.

The complete machine comes in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame mounted on 4 big 13” pneumatic tyres for ease of movement on site.

The machine is protected by a heavy duty safety valve and 500 bar unloader.  It also is fitted with a heavy duty on/off switch with integrated protection and that cuts the machine out if it is subjected to overload.  The motor is also fitted with a thermistor to protect against overheating.

For further information on Aussie Raptor plus electric drive hydro blasters visit our high pressure water cleaners page or download our three phase professional cold water blasters PDF [63KB].


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