Stainless Steel High Pressure Hose Reel

Frederico Milani tries out the new Aussie stainless steel hose reel that has been designed to handle both high pressure and steam capability.

New Stainless Steel Reel

Model: HAR150

A new stainless steel high pressure hose reel has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Hydrotek range the new reels offer a unique combination of features combining super high pressure, steam capability and resistance to corrosion.

The new stainless steel reels can be used with pressure cleaners with pressure ratings as high as 5,000 psi, and steam cleaners with temperature ratings to 130°C. The swivels are stainless steel and designed for trouble free life even in demanding mining or industrial chemical processing environments.

“Hydrotek developed this range of reels to complement their existing range of steam cleaning equipment,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager Attila David. “As they developed bigger and more powerful high pressure steam cleaners, they found that quality reels to match the machines capability simply weren’t available,” he said.

Conventional stainless steel high pressure hose reels don’t have the temperature capability, the pressure rating or the ability to handle tough corrosive industrial applications.

Aussie Pumps believe that the big reels will be a winner in retrofitting high pressure cleaning equipment in mining, construction or industrial applications, They also believe that marine cleaning equipment would also from an upgrade to the new reel.

Australian Pump introduced high pressure reels for pressure cleaning equipment around sixteen years ago. That was in response to a demand for safe work practices and was as a result of a study on identifying major hazards in high pressure cleaning.

“Having hoses neatly stowed not only gives the advantage of being able to safely use longer length hoses, and hence increase the efficiency of the job, but go a long way to eliminating accidents,” said David.

Reels are available that take up to 75 metres length of 3/8” wire braid high pressure hose.

For further information on Ausie Pumps eco clean high pressure cleaning accessories visit our accessories page or download our eco clean high pressure cleaning accessories PDF (45kb).

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