Self Priming Centrifugal Salvage Pump

Defence Maritime Services’ Matthew Connolly and other DMS team members at HMAS Waterhen inspect the big Aussie self primer!

Aussie Goes To Sea

Model: QP402SL-L100

A big 4” lightweight self priming centrifugal salvage pump was recently supplied to Defence Maritime Services for use on HMAS Mercator Seahorse.   The pump, similar to those used on Pacific Class Patrol Boats is part of the Aussie Pump marine salvage/fire pump range.

Called the QP402SL-L100 the big high pressure pump is powered by a Yanmar 10 hp electric start air cooled diesel engine.  It is supplied in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame for ease of movement on board the vessel and like all Aussie QP pumps it comes with an exclusive 5 year warranty.   That free of charge extended warranty is believed to be the first 5 year warranty ever offered for products of this type.

The pump delivers a whopping 1,000 lpm flow and has a maximum high pressure head of 50 metres, that’s 75 psi.  It has superb self priming characteristics with the ability to draught water through a vertical lift of 8.4 metres.

The big 4” Aussie pump is made from top quality marine grade aluminium.   It has a unique big vaned closed style impeller that makes it suitable for both salvage and fire fighting applications.

“These pumps prime first time every time because of the huge tank built in to the head of the pump” said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “It’s huge flow and high pressure gives it the ability to literally drown fires at sea” he said.

For further information on the big 4” lightweight self priming centrifugal salvage pump visit our Aussie High Pressure Transfer Pumps page or download the Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive High Pressure Transfer Pumps PDF (186kb).

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