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petrol trash pump
Tony Kelly from Aussie Pumps with the QP 2” trash pump designed to handle solids in suspension with ease.

Aussie Pump is Rubbish Gobbler

Model: QP201T

A new heavy duty two inch trash pump that is covered by an exclusive five year warranty has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie Quik Prime model QP201T, the 2” pump has excellent solids handling capacity with the ability to pass solids in suspension up to 10mm in diameter.

Like all Aussie Quik Prime trash pumps the QP201T has a huge front opening port, located below the suction intake. The port can be opened in seconds to enable easy cleanout of the pump bowl without disconnecting pipe work. This easy cleanout feature makes it ideal for pumping solids in suspension, effluent, livestock waste or construction site debris.

Like all Aussie trash pumps the QP201T features an exclusive bronze copper seal that outlasts conventional seals by up to 60 times. It’s advanced design includes a double volute for fast priming, efficiency and self cleaning.

The heart of the system is a big non-clog style open impeller manufactured from high sg cast iron. The impeller is designed for maximum resistance to erosion and handles solids in suspension with ease.

The 2” pump will handle flows of up to 600 litres per minute and offers users a maximum delivery head of 26 metres. It has excellent self priming characteristics with the ability to draught water through a 7.3 metre vertical lift.

The machine is powered by a 5.5HP Honda petrol engine or Yanmar L48 4.8HP air cooled diesel engine. The whole unit comes in a handy and rugged steel frame and is supplied with coupling and strainer kit as standard equipment.

Further information on the QP201T is available on our fire fighting pumps page or download our Aussie petrol trash pumps PDF [261KB]

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