Professional High Pressure Water Blasters

Aussie Pumps Tony Gallo completing an Aussie Scud blaster, part of Aussie’s flood clean up programme.

Aussie Flood Clean Up

Model: Scud Series

The deluge in the eastern states may be over for now, but the clean up tasks are only just beginning. As the flood waters recede, home owners, businesses and councils are left with the often heartbreaking job of removing the muddy, stinking debris left behind.

One company, Australian Pump Industries, recognises the enormity of the task and has set out to assist in the clean-up! Australia’s biggest pressure cleaner manufacturer has thrown the factory into high gear, ramping up production to meet the demand from Aussie customers.

“Our hearts go out to the communities affected again this year, we understand from experience what they are facing,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager Peter Evans. “Our production team are working at maximum capacity to produce top quality high pressure blasters and vacs to assist those doing it tough,” he said.

Australian Pump is the country’s leading manufacturer of professional high pressure water blasters. Their products are used by major hire companies across the country, construction companies, the big miners and both Government and local government bodies.

“We went into a crash program to build Aussie Scuds and Ultras, 4,000 psi machines, knowing that there would be a requirement for to get the clean-up done fast, and these machines have real grunt,” said Evans. “The Aussie designed and built machines offer a great combination of flow and pressure that deliver results!” he said.

The company claims that their Scud blaster range provides the flow and pressure to move mud, silt and debris from machinery, buildings and key public utility assets. The blasters use “Big Berty” Bertolini high pressure piston pumps that develop 4,000 and 5,000 psi pump pressures. When used in combination with an Aussie Turbo, performance is boasted to up to 8,500 psi effective working pressure.

Australian Pump is so confident about the quality of the Bertolini pumps and engines used that they offer a unique 3 + 3 year warranty on both the pump and engine.

The professional machines all come with heavy duty galvanised frames for protection and manoeuvrability. The trolley is fitted with big 13”steel wheels with pneumatic tyres.

The big Aussie blasters are supplied with a “hi-low” stainless steel double lance, heavy duty 5,000 psi rated professional gun and 10 metres of double wire braid Aussie high pressure hose with quick screw coupling to pump. The “hi-low” double lance enables the operator to move from low pressure detergent application to high pressure by the twist of the wrist.

Aussie has designed these blasters with an easy fit hose reel option that extends the reach up to 45 metres to enable clean up, even in tight and hard to access locations. The reel adds convenience, making the use of extra long hoses manageable and safer.

“There is no point in putting small, hardware style machines into a flood cleanup project,” cautioned Evans. “Our machines were built tough for graffiti removal, brick or drain cleaning. They are designed to cut cleaning times, save water, and get the job done fast,” he said.

The Aussie blasters also come with a wide range of accessory options, for an easy flood/mud clean up. These include turbo attachments to get the mud off faster and telescopic Extenda Wands that reach of up to 6 metres, ideal for under eaves, gutters and windows.

Aussie Pumps have reduced prices on many models to further help Queensland and NSW flood victims! For further information, contact Australian Pump Industries, or your local “Aussie Pump distributor.”

Further information on the complete range of Aussieblasters is available from our Engine Drive Blasters page or download our Aussie Scud High Pressure Water Cleaners PDF (1.18MB).


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