Pressure Gun Happy

90% of injuries involved in using high pressure water blasters are generated by hose or gun failure. Australian Pump’s experience indicates that many pressure cleaner operators, professional and even semi-professional, continue to use high pressure guns which are leaking, worn or broken.

Aussie’s new Pro Gun program gives professional operators a convenient way to upgrade old, leaking guns before they become a safety issue.

“Safety alerts from the industry, both here and abroad are quite consistent” said Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz. “We see operators using hoses that are years old, often badly abraded with the wire showing through the rubber sheath. We notice hose to gun couplings that are worn and potentially dangerous,” he said.

The new Australian and New Zealand safety standards for pressure cleaners cover a series of rules about the safe use of pressure cleaners. They include instructions for operators to continually check accessories for leaks or wear and to replace as required before their use by date!

Watch Out for Wear

As Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure water blasting equipment, Aussie Pumps educating customers on the need to change high pressure guns and hoses out when they show signs of wear.

The company found that operators continue to use worn equipment not because of the cost of the replacement, but rather through a matter of convenience.

Aussie Pumps ‘Safe Operator Program’ was launched two years ago when the new safety standards came out. The company claims that many users are still in denial and don’t understand the repercussions of the new safety standards.

To counteract the use of unsafe guns, Aussie Pumps has launched a “Pro Gun” program. The company has paired top quality 5,800 psi rated guns, with either 900 or 1,200mm stainless steel lances and nozzles. The kits are designed to fit most professional cleaning applications. The company’s massive build program has pulled costs down and the savings have been passed on to customers.

“Operators have no excuse for using a leaking gun when you can easily buy an Aussie Blue Pro gun assembly for under $170” said Lorenz.

Hoses Fail too

The company takes the same approach with high pressure hose assemblies. Their Blue Pro range of hose assemblies feature double wire braid non-marking blue covers that are ideal for high pressure cleaning applications.

“The Aussie Blue Pro hose is equipped with M22 couplers to enable it to be detached from the gun or machine quickly and easily without the use of tools” said Lorenz. “For cleaners rated to 5,000 psi, we supply Blue Pro hoses with M24 couplers, manufactured colour coded blue” he said.

M22 couplers are rated for all machinery up to 4,000 psi

“Aussie’s gun and hose programs are a breakthrough for the industry, pulling prices down substantially to encourage users to replace bad hoses or guns promptly.  Persisting to use warn and leaking accessories is dangerous” said Lorenz.

For further information on the Aussie Pro-Gun kits …. click here

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