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The new TTL series of piston pumps from Bertolini are designed for longevity and are back with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Piston Pump Upgrade

Model: Bertolini TTL series triplex pumps

The latest developments in triplex piston pump design are now available in Australia.  Manufactured by Idromechanica Bertolini in Northern Italy, the new heavy duty TTL range is now available from Australian Pump Industries.

The TTL Series represents state of the art piston pump technology with a view to providing both longevity and lower through life operating costs to end users. The pumps will be used in the locally built Aussie Scud engine drive premium range of high pressure cleaners manufactured by Aussie Pumps.

“Bertolini and Aussie Pumps share a passion for quality and performance,” said Aussie Pumps’ Adrian Fiatarone. “We are proud to use these top quality pumps across our range of Scud blasters. They deliver on performance and are backed by a three year Bertolini warranty, unique in the industry,” he said.

The new series is available in 200 BAR (3,045 psi) and 300 BAR (4,350 psi) versions covering the majority of the industrial market. Australian Pump is the only Bertolini authorised Australian Distributor. Their massive build programme has seen Aussie doubling production of professional contractor high pressure blasters and drain cleaning jetters three years in a row. This huge increase in volume has meant lower costs with savings passed on to consumers.

The TTL range of pumps all come with a standard 24mm steel shaft. This means that they can be easily interchanged with other brands like Interpump and Hawke. Australian Pump has published a handy reference guide for OEM’s and service technicians to assist with pump selection for change-outs and upgrades.

“We think the gains made by Bertolini in the last 3 years in pump design improvement has clearly established them as the world leader in triplex pump design” said Fiatarone, “OEM’s are increasingly turning to Bertolini pumps. They just last longer,” he said.

The Bertolini philosophy is to focus on providing users with substantially longer wearing and more reliable products than those manufactured by other suppliers.  Taking the TTL1520 as an example of the series, the new 3,045 p.s.i. pump produces a flow of 15 litres a minute. It comes in a new cast aluminium crankcase with substantially larger cooling fins.  The cooling fins allow the circulation of air around the pump allowing it to run up to 15% cooler.

Other key advantages include a totally new design valve cap that puts the seal at the bottom of the cap rather than at the top.  Called the “low stress thread” design, the new caps eliminate the presence of water under pressure within the threads.  This is a revolutionary concept, and provides huge gains in terms of stress reduction on the threads by up to 60%, torque reduced by 40% and virtual elimination of cracked heads from over tightening.

Bertolini understand that the seals of a piston pump are always going to be the highest wear item.  The Company has invested heavily in developing seals that outlast other piston pump seals.  The new TTL Series utilise a “V” seal with anti extrusion ring to ensure longer seal life.  The V seals are used at the front of the piston rod, while the back packings, fitted as part of the same system, are Bertolini’s unique “U” seals.

Top quality ceramic plungers are standard equipment and heavy duty con-rods, manufactured from forged aluminium in a new state of the art design, provide improved lubrication and heat reduction.

New stainless steel valves, an essential part of making the high pressure piston pump perform to pressure, have a radial seal to eliminate the risk of O ring extrusion caused by over pressuring.

Further information on the new series of Bertolini Pumps is available on our high pressure cleaners – piston pumps page or download our Bertolini TTL series triplex pumps PDF (357kb).


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