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The large body of this new Aussie 2” Quik Prime transfer pump means a 25% increase in flow rates.

Pumps: 2” Gusher Cuts Transfer Time

Model: QP209 

Many Australian farmers have never experienced droughts as severe as those of the last few years. Crops have been wiped out, and in many areas water has had to be transported, not just for stock watering, but to supply drinking water for country towns.

Australian Pump Industries have responded with the introduction of a new super high capacity 2″ pump designed to move water fast. Called the Aussie Quik Prime QP209, the pump offers 25% increase in flow rates over conventional 2″ pumps, with a maximum flow of up to 800 litres per minute, that’s 48,000 litres per hour!

Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps, the unit offers excellent self priming characteristics, with the ability to draught water through a 7.6 metre vertical lift. That means farmers can pull water from dams, tanks, creeks or rivers with ease.

“We found that farmers were looking for shorter load cycles, more efficiencies and lower operating costs” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.

“The extra flow available from the QP209, without compromising pressure performance, shortens cycle times dramatically and can cut 25% off the pump fuel bill” he said.

The pump features a big, open, cast iron impeller, capable of passing small solids in suspension, enabling it to handle even silty water without problems.

Powered by either Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engine, the 2″ pump can load a 2400 litre poly tank in under 5 minutes!

“We’ve seen farmers trying to carry out these chores using fire fighting pumps with high pressure and low flows. The extra cost in fuel is huge, not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait around while the tank gets loaded” said Farrugia.

“This 2″ pump will outperform some 3″ pumps on the market, but enables the operator to get away with only using 2″ hose for both suction and delivery” he said.

As an added bonus to operators, the Aussie QP209 heavy duty 2″ pump comes with a no-nonsense 5 year pump end guarantee. Australian Pump is believed to be the only company offering a 5 year warranty.

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