Scud 400 Hydrotester

Mine Spec 300 bar Hydrostatic Tester
Aussie Pumps’ Test Officer, Brian Matthews, does his final inspection on the new Aussie HTP.

Model: Scud 400 HTP Mine Boss

A new mine spec. 300bar hydrostatic tester has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Part of the popular Aussie Scud range, the machine is testing pipelines, compressors, valves and other pressure vessels to a maximum of 4300 psi, 300 bar, pressure range.

The machine is the first in a series of updated mine spec. versions of the existing hydrostatic tester product range. This range is already widely exported to the Middle East and Indonesia.

The new machine, called the Scud 400 HTP Mine Boss is in response to Australian and SE Asian customers who need a machine that is in accordance with mining site regulations throughout the area. The Aussie mine spec. tester is fitted with e-stop, battery isolation and fully lockable galvanised steel battery box. A bunding tray to catch any liquid spills (fuel and oil) is an optional extra.

The whole machine is encapsulated in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame in the unique Aussie Scud registered design. The frame design has won awards internationally for its OH&S features and its ease of handling on site, including operator manoeuvrability and additional design features.

The Scud 400 HTP has a centre mounted, balanced lifting bar, two side rails for protection and an integrated hose rack. Four 13” pneumatic,”off road style” tyres with steel wheels are standard. The result is a balanced machine that is that is easy for one man to manoeurvre.

Power is supplied by a tough Yanmar 10hp electric start model L100 air cooled diesel engine. “We chose Yanmar to power this machine because of the ease of serviceability and ready availability of spare parts. Support is available not just in Australia but right through SE Asia and Africa, where our machines are widely sold,” said Product Manager, Dean Fountain.

Controls on the tester permit infinitely variable pressure adjustments up to 300 bar. This machine is fitted with an ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit comprising safety valve and thermal dump to protect both the machine and the operator.

Additionally, the machine is fitted with a double valve, double gauge system. That facility allows the operator to set the pressure, lock it off and leave it for the mandated test period. A big suction water filter to protect the machine’s triplex pump from muddy or silty water is standard equipment.

The heart of the machine is a Bertolini “Big Berty” triplex piston pump, slow speed gearbox driven, for long, trouble free life. The triplex pump features ceramic pistons, a brass head and a huge oil filled die-cast aluminium crank case. The crank case, part of Berolini’s “cool fin” series has extra fin capabilities to keep oil cool even in high temperature environments.

A full range of “Safe Operator” safety clothing is available from Australian Pump Industries to go with this equipment. Aussie Safe Operator protection clothing is rated for operation up to 500 bar (7300 psi).

Further information on this machine is readily available from the Civil Contractor Division’s Dean Fountain at Australian Pump Industries 02 8865 3539 or visit our Hydrostatic Testers page.

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