Aussie Interns the Future

Aussie Interns
Max Newton (left), Brendan Sultana and Daniel Collins make up the initial 2014 management intern intake at Aussie Pumps.

Australian Pump Industries inducted three new marketing management interns into the organisation as part of its intake for 2014. The interns will be working in the product management arena.

“We call product managers the “architects for growth,” said Aussie Pump’s divisional manager, Brad Farrugia. “What’s spurred our growth trajectory as an Australian designer and manufacturer has been the specialisation of our product manager base,” he said.

The interns, all from around Sydney’s Hills garden shire, jumped at the chance to build a career in a progressive Australian Company that has its sights set on the world markets.

“I’m very excited to be working in a growth organisation that has a fearless approach to its own products and their future,” said Brendan Sultana.

Brendan, a bachelor of business and commerce, was looking for an opportunity to grow in a dynamic environment where the rewards for merit are wide open. The two other interns, Daniel Collins and Max Newton are qualified tradesmen but see their future careers in commerce.

Australian Pump is a leading designer and manufacturer of pumps, pressure cleaners and associated equipment. The quality of the product is leading edge. The Aussie Fire Chief, for example, is designed specifically for Australian firefighting conditions. It has been a huge success in Australian and overseas. It has the distinction of being the only product of its type in the world covered by a free five year warranty!

In the pressure cleaner side of the business, the company builds big machines tailored for the mining industry, Australia’s burgeoning gas and oil business and the specialised application in defence and marine sectors.

“The interns go through a programme of carrying out market research that help them to understand what consumers want. Often we’re impressed with the information they turn up. That market knowledge helps us to design cutting edge equipment that is safer, more efficient, “greener” than we would otherwise do,” said Farrugia. “Learning from your customers is a fundamental rule that we apply everyday” he said.

The glamour part of the intern’s job involves developing marketing strategies for new product development.

“It is tremendously gratifying to see the impact of your efforts reflected in products that will help farmers, miners or construction users,” said Daniel Collins. “It’s challenging and very different to working in the hydraulics industry where I learnt my trade. I find it stimulating and the training programmes and team spirit make the work exciting and satisfying,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries, operating from two and half acre site based in Sydney’s Norwest business sector, has become preeminent in their specific areas of water related products. The company considers its internship programme to be the essential foundations for growth. It is proud of its record of introducing Australian designed products to the world. It exports its equipment to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas.

“We’re gratified about of our growing brand awareness in international markets. We are particularly strong in the products that have been developed for Australia’s unique condition,” said Brad Farrugia.

The company plans on inducting a further three interns in its high pressure cleaning division where environment, safety and water management are major issues.

More information on available career opportunities at Australia Pump is available on the careers page, or by calling 02 8865 3500.

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