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aussie fire chief
Aussie Pumps Sam thinks that the big fire pump is a winner.

Pumps: Aussie / Kubota Fights Fire

Model: QP205SE

Many Australian states are facing the worse bushfire conditions in years. Soaring temperatures, gusting winds and the continuation of dry weather is challenging both property owners and fire fighting authorities.

One Australian company, Australian Pump Industries has combined with Kubota to produce a diesel powered fire pump that provides extraordinary performance. This makes it a very capable fire fighting pump as well as being suitable for long distance water transfer and irrigation applications.

Called the Aussie Fire Chief, the super high performance pump is powered by a Kubota electric start, oil/air cooled diesel engine. Kubota claim that users can make significant fuel savings using diesel engines compared to the same pump mounted on a petrol engine of equivalent horse power.

The Fire Chief offers users heads of over 75 metres, that’s more than 100 psi, and matches that with flows that go as high as 500 litres per minute. It’s that combination of pressure and flow that gives the Aussie Fire Chief real fire fighting capability.

Claimed to be the world’s best fire pump and the winner of major government contracts both in Australia and overseas, the Chief is the only product of it’s type to come with a five year warranty!

“The Chief is designed and built with only one real criteria in mind and that’s fire fighting capability,” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager John Whiteley. “We refuse to sacrifice capability to knock a few cents off the cost of materials or features,” he said.

The Aussie Fire Chief features excellent self priming characteristics enabling it to draught water from creeks, streams or dams. It will suck liquids through an astonishing vertical lift of 7.6 metres!

The new Kubota version features a 9.5HP diesel engine that provides real fuel economy combined with loads of torque. This torque enables the pump to reach it’s true potential. Combining the big Kubota engine with the Chief means that the pump is able to realise it’s maximum performance, providing more litres of water at pressure, per litre of fuel than competitors.

“That big performance is not magic but rather based on the huge body and 7 inch diameter impeller that makes up the heart of the machine,” said Whiteley. “That big impeller is superbly balanced to take maximum advantage of available horsepower,” he said.

Kubota diesel engines are manufactured by one of Japan’s leading diesel engine and tractor manufacturers. They are highly regarded by both construction and agricultural users.

The new pump comes in heavy duty galvanised frame. The engine is electric start for operator convenience.

Further information on the Aussie Fire Chief is available on our fire fighting pumps page or download our Aussie fire fighting diesel pumps PDF [261KB]

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