Aussie Ups Kubota Production

Kubota Diesel Engine Powered Pumps
As the volume of production of Kubota pumps goes up, the cost comes down and Aussie gets even more competitive in the domestic and overseas markets!

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading portable, engine drive pump builder, has dramatically ramped up production of Kubota diesel powered pumps. The machines, built at the company’s 2.5 hectare site in Castle Hill, set a new benchmark in quality, performance and value.

The full range of top quality Kubota diesel engine powered pumps includes fire fighting pumps, 3” and 4” transfer pumps, together with specialist tanker pumps. Aussie Pumps has been quick to pass on the savings associated with large scale production with Aussie dealers reporting increased interest in the range.

“We committed to a cost down program that delivers top value to our customers, especially Aussie farmers who are facing difficult conditions this season,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Brad Farrugia. “These pumps are phenomenal. We use the 6HP and 9.5HP OC series Kubota engines. These deliver great torque, economy, and power. They are well matched to the pump’s requirements and hold their rev’s under load,” he said.

The Kubota OC series engines use the ACTV (Advanced Cooling Three Vortex) system. The combustion chamber is oil cooled and the cylinder air cooled. The ACTV system ensures the engines are quieter, have minimal vibration and run cooler. These benefits result in longer engine life and lower maintenance costs.

“Pump operators understand the benefits in going diesel in terms of economy and power,” said Farrugia. “The big Kubota diesels deliver sustained performance, great torque and excellent fuel economy. That means major savings for operators who can move more water with less fuel, with the bonus of lower on going engine service costs,” he said.

The range of Kubota powered high pressure and high flow pumps include the award winning Aussie Fire Chief. The Aussie Fire Chief is regarded as Australia’s best engine drive portable fire pump. It delivers more water at high pressure because of its huge “big belly” body and 7 ½” diameter, single piece heavy duty impeller. The Aussie Fire Chief’s impeller weighs up to 2 ½ times that of competitor equivalents, providing the pump with real longevity and enhanced reliability.

The Aussie Fire Chief also comes with a big 2” bolt on flanged suction port. That port lets more water into the pump, assisting in efficiency and improving performance by reducing friction loss. A heavy duty 3 way outlet, providing one 1 ½” discharge port and two 1” ports, is standard equipment.

“The Fire Chief is available with the 6 hp and 9.5 hp Kubota engines, and offer a combination of performance and value for money that is unbeatable,” said Farrugia. “We know that in high pressure water transfer or fire fighting it is the engine that makes the difference to the overall performance,” he said.

The Aussie range of Kubota powered pumps also includes 3” and 4” gushers. These large pumps are ideal for fast water transfer applications including tanker filling, dam water management and site dewatering. The electric start units all come mounted in heavy duty galvanised steel frames and galvanised steel sub-bases with anti-vibration mounts.

Aussie Pumps also make specialised tanker pumps using Kubota engines fitted with solenoids to enable remote control of the pumps. These compact units, supplied on a gal base, are available in high pressure or high flow options. They suit dust suppression and fast fill tanker applications.

“These specialist pumps are popular with water cart operators who mount the pump start/stop control in the cab,” said Farrugia. “The pump can be stopped immediately once the tank is emptied, preventing damage to the pump from dry running,” he said.

Australian Pumps say that the price reductions on these pumps, up to 25% on some models, were achieved by bulk buying diesel engines and substantially increasing the production volumes. “The more we make, the cheaper they get and it’s nice to know that we have the full support of the entire Kubota organisation to deliver better quality products at lower prices for Australian farmers,” said Farrugia.

Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps, the Kubota powered range comes with a free exclusive 5 year extended pump end warranty, while the engine is supported by Kubota Australia’s 2 year engine warranty.

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