Top Quality Kubota Diesel Engine Powered Fire Fighting Pumps

Aussie ramp up production for the predicted catastrophic fire season.

Kubota Pump Price Drop

Model: Aussie Gushers

The full range top quality Kubota diesel engine powered fire fighting pumps will be available this spring and summer at heavily discounted prices.  End users can take advantage of price reductions of up to 25% on top quality Aussie pumps, close coupled to Kubota’s world renowned diesel engine range.

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading high pressure pump builder, has dramatically increased production numbers of Kubota diesel powered fire pumps in the Aussie Fire Chief and Aussie Fire Captain high pressure pumps.  The machines, all built on the state of the art assembly line at Aussie Pump’s 2.5 acre Castle Hill facility, represent a new benchmark on quality, performance and value for money.

“When we put the original prototypes on test we were astonished at the power and torque of these great Japanese diesel engines,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “They hold their revs even at the key points on the performance curve where farmers need to operate these high pressured pumps,” he said.

The award winning Aussie Fire Chief offers features not found on competitor products.  It delivers more water at high pressure because of its huge “big belly” body and 7 ½” diameter, single piece heavy duty impeller.  The Aussie Fire Chief impeller weighs almost 3 times competitor equivalents, providing the pump with real longevity and enhanced reliability.

The Aussie Fire Chief also comes with a big 2” bolt on flanged suction port that lets more water into the pump, assisting in efficiency and providing performance by reducing friction loss.  A heavy duty 3 way outlet, providing one 1 ½” discharge port and two 1” ports, is standard equipment.  Metal caps and chains on the outlet ports are standard equipment, the company refuses to use plastic!  The impeller, volute and water passage inside the pump are an engineers’ delight with minimal friction losses and superb hydraulic balancing.  Heavy duty, top quality, ceramic mechanical seals are fitted to protect the engine.

“The Fire Chief and Fire Captain, now available with Kubota diesel engines in the 6 hp through to 9.5 hp range, offer a combination of performance and value for money that is unbeatable,” said Hales.  “We chose the Kubota’s for this application because we know that in high pressure transfer or fire fighting it is the engine that makes the difference to the overall long term performance of the product,” he said.

The product range starts with the 6 hp Aussie Fire Chief and runs right through to the big Aussie Fire Captain Plus powered by a 9.5 hp oil-air cooled Kubota electric start diesel.  The entire range comes with heavy duty galvanised steel frames and galvanised steel sub-bases with anti vibration mounts.

“With the carbon tax here and fuel prices set to rise farmers are more conscious of the need to go diesel and to get the best possible combinations of equipment and power,” said Hales.  The big Kubota diesels, from 6 hp to 9.5 hp, deliver sustained performance, great torque and can provide consistency even at 3,000rpm,” he said.  “That means major fuel savings for farmers who can achieve their water transfer or irrigation goals without having to over speed the engine, and drive fuel costs up.  That’s a huge saving over the life of the pump,” he said.

Australian Pumps say that the price reductions on these pumps, up to 25% on some models, were achieved by bulk buying diesel engines and substantially increasing the production volumes.  “The more we make, the cheaper they get and it’s nice to know that we have the full support of the entire Kubota organisation to deliver better quality products at lower prices for Australian farmers,” said Hales.

Like all Aussie Quik Prime pumps the Kubota powered range comes with an exclusive 5 year extended pump end warranty, absolutely free, whilst the engine is supported by Kubota Australia’s 2 year engine warranty.  “Australian farmers, councils, contractors and even earthmovers are all in love with Kubota quality,” said Hales.  “This new reduced price structure gives users a world class product at a value packed price,” he said.

Further information on the new Kubota product range is available from our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive Fire Pumps PDF (261kb).

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