Aussie Pumps Industrial Pressure Cleaner Distributor Queensland

The Emerald Air Starters team; Bruce Smith, Jesse Smith, Luke Williams, Ryan Buckley (Dowdens) and Manager Angus Christianson with a sample of the Aussie Pumps range.

Aussie’s Emerald Gem

Aussie Pumps’ is proud to introduce Emerald Air Starters & Equipment as the newest industrial pressure cleaner distributor. Based in Emerald Queensland, Emerald Air Starters was established 12 years ago, and works closely with the mining sector. They will specialise in mining and industrial cleaning equipment.

Australian Pump Industries have developed a comprehensive range of high pressure cleaning equipment aimed at supporting the mining and industrial sectors. The equipment is all powered by reliable Yanmar, Kohler and Kubota diesel engines and comes in a range of sizes from 2,000 psi cold water machines right through to big steam cleaners and hydro-blasters.

The dedicated team at Emerald Air Starters can provide service and support on industrial cold water pressure cleaners and hot water steam cleaners. Emerald Air Starters will also carry a range of diesel powered hot and cold water pressure cleaners for the industrial and mining markets

Aussie Hydrotek steam cleaners, with reliable water cooled Kubota diesel engines, are now available with pressures up to 5,000 psi. Designed for operation in the harshest environments, the machines are perfect for mining and offshore oil rig applications. They use both high pressure and steam to melt grease and shift dirt on earthmoving, process and mining plant, without the use of costly chemicals or detergents.

Aussie is Australia’s leading manufacturer of cold water blasters with standard production line units up to 500 BAR fitted with Yanmar or Kohler diesel engines.  The machines offer flows of up to 35 litres per minute, and run big triplex pumps, designed for tough operating conditions.

These robust, cold water blasters come in heavy duty galvanised steel frame trolleys with off road tyres for ease of movement on site. All machines are available with a range of top quality accessories that include drain cleaning attachments, high pressure grit blasting kits, or turbo lances for faster cleaning duties.

Emerald Air Starters have the backing of Dowdens, Central Queensland’s biggest supplier of pumps and pressure cleaners to the Queensland mining and industrial markets.

Further information on the range of Aussie Pumps’ products is available in store, from Emerald Air Starters.

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