Industrial High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Distributors Illawarra

Integrity Pumps’ Peter Smith, Aussie Pumps’ Dean Fountain and Integrity Pumps’ Chris Smith showcasing the Aussie Scud.

Pump with Integrity

Australian Pump Industries, a leading manufacturer in industrial high pressure cleaning equipment, is proud to announce the appointment of Integrity Pumps and Engineering as its specialist gold distributor in the Illawarra.  For the past 35 years their focus has been providing top quality equipment for the mining industry.

Integrity was appointed because of their wealth of experience in the field high pressure cleaning equipment. They have a dedicated team of specialist staff that offer support for both sales and service of high pressure water blasters and steam cleaners.

“Integrity and Aussie have worked in partnership for a number of years and this Gold Dealer appointment takes that co-operation to a new level,” said Integrity Pumps’ Chris Smith. “The team at Integrity are specialists in high pressure equipment and Aussie products complement and extend our existing range,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries have developed a comprehensive range of high pressure cleaning equipment and heavy duty pumps aimed at supporting the mining and resources industry. The equipment is all powered by top brand reliable diesel engines and ranges from cold water pressure cleaners to big 6” trash pumps.

The Aussie Scud a robust, cold water blaster, come wrapped in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame with big 13” off road tyres for ease of movement on site. All machines are available with a range of top quality accessories that include drain cleaning attachments, high pressure grit blasting kits, or turbo lances for faster cleaning duties.

Integrity doesn’t just carry pressure cleaners, they stock a full range of Aussie trash pumps. From rugged 2” pumps to the big 6” Aussie MQ600TD they have a pump to suit any and every need. “We will be able to offer mining customers in the Illawarra and Mudgee areas a local one stop shop for expert advice and fast service” said Smith. “We are really excited about this gold distributor appointment, and how we can use this continue to support our customers” he said.

Further information on the range of Aussie Pump blasters is available from the Integrity website ( or from our Steam Cleaners page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Engine Drive Steam Cleaners PDF (79kb).


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