Hydroblaster High Pressure Water Cleaner

The Aussie Hurricane hydro-blaster assists in the constant battle to keep corrosion under control at Norfolk Island’s fuel storage facility.

Norfolk Island Cleanup

Model: Aussie Hurricane

Norfolk Island’s fuel depot holds the islands fuel supply in six 700,000 litre steel tanks in the fuel storage area, designed to comply with Mobil Australia standards. The bulk fuels stored include diesel, petrol, and jet fuel.

The constant day to day challenge is to keep corrosion under control, and that means efficient high pressure cleaning and repainting on an almost continuous basis.

Arty Keeping, Chief Mechanical Officer based in the Airport mechanical workshop, uses a big Aussie 5,000 p.s.i. Hurricane Hydro-blaster to keep rust at bay.

“Some badly affected areas are still sandblasted, sanded, and then the tanks fully painted” says Arty. “Safety is a big concern so there are no mobiles, sparks, etc.” he said.

The heart of the Aussie hydro-blaster is a “Big Berty” Bertolini HD Series 5,000 p.s.i. pump that develops 8,500 psi EWP (effective working pressure) when used with Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

The Hurricane blasts loose paint from the surface, and clears rust fast enabling the corrosion control program to continue in a super efficient way. The Hurricane is powered by an explosion proof 12.5kW slow speed electric motor, with an intrinsically safe switch and starter that makes it ideal for this difficult and potentially dangerous job.

The system comes with an ASP (Aussie Safety Pack) that includes thermal dump valve to protect the machine against running on excess bypass and a safety valve that relieves the pressure in the system in the event of a pressure spike.  The preset safety valve, an Aussie Pump innovation, protects both the machine, and the operator from the dangers of potential pressure spikes.

The machine uses 5,000 p.s.i. rated Aussie high pressure hose and comes with a heavy duty rated gun/lance combination that can be used with or without the Turbomaster turbo lance.

The 6 year old machine is used on a regular, almost daily basis, providing reliable, safe, cleaning capacity for Norfolk Island’s vital fuel supply.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie hydroblasters is available on our high pressure water cleaners page or download our three phase professional cold water blasters PDF (63KB).


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