Hydraulic Drive Pumps

High performance Aussie hydraulic drive GMP pumps have been developed for tanker applications including dust suppression.

Pumps: Aussie Dust Busters

Model: Aussie GMP 

Australia’s dry desert conditions in many mine and construction site areas means dust suppression is a continuous challenge. One major Australian Pump manufacturer, Australian Pump Industries, understands the issue, and has developed a range of hydraulic drive self priming centrifugal pumps designed specifically for dealing with the dust.

“We found one of the challenges was trying to provide pumps which settle dust without ‘overwatering’” said Aussie Pumps’ Trent McVey. “We developed pumps which were specifically for tanker applications.  That led to a combination of high pressure and high flow that enables water to be atomised to get the maximum effectiveness out of every litre” he said.

Available in either cast iron or cast 316 stainless steel, the hydraulic drive tanker pumps are employed by the Royal Australian Army Engineers Corp, and are used on mine sites and in construction locations around the country.

Called the Aussie GMP dust buster range, they offer flows of up to 2,500 litres a minute, with heads as high as 100 p.s.i.

“The infinite range of combinations of pressure and flow mean we can come up with the right pump for almost any application” said McVey.  “All of the pumps self prime, allowing for tankers to be re-charged on the job, from any readily available water source” he said.

The Aussie GMP pumps are virtually all supplied with large diameter open impellers, capable of passing solids in suspension.  They’re fitted with a wide range of optional seals that include tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, and hard wearing ceramics.

Using less water, by adding dust suppressants with the pumps also means less cost, less cycles, and of course less maintenance.

Cast 316 stainless Aussie hydraulic drive tanker pumps can be used with even corrosive wetting agent, making the pumps more water efficient than conventional pumps.

For further information on the complete range of Aussie GMP hydraulic drive pumps visit our GMP Pumps page or download our GMP Hydraulic Transfer Pumps PDF [186KB].

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