Hire Ranger Is Fire Ready

Rapid Spray is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of polyethylene free-standing water cartage tanks. Based in Singleton in New South Wales, they have a huge range from 400 litres to big modular water tanks up to 36,000 litres.

The latest development from Rapid for the rental market is their “Hire Ranger” single axle heavy duty trailer-mounted firefighting kit. Fitted with either a 1,000 or 1,500-litre tank, the machine boasts both a firefighting and dust suppression capability. The tank is manufactured from polyethylene UV stabilised to be able to withstand the harshest operational elements. The pump is mounted to enable easy installation on the trailer and fitted with Rapids “Surefit” mounting pins.

Rapid’s Hire Ranger, diesel high pressure pump tanker combination will handle a multitude of hire tasks, from construction site dust suppression to machine washdown and even firefighting. Note the Yanmar powered Aussie fire pump!

The tanks also feature a large opening for fast filling with a labyrinth breather integrated into the lid. Best of all for the rental industry, the tanks come with a unique 15 year guarantee, while the poly material used maximises the strength with minimal weight.


They chose an Aussie Fire Chief diesel powered pump, with electric start and recoil back up. This provides the high pressure water that can be used for either dust suppression, wash down or firefighting.

The pump, claimed to be the world’s best lightweight portable fire pump, can handle heads of up to 75 metres.  That’s approximately 100 psi pressure. Maximum flow is 450 lpm. The pump will prime from 7.6 metres making it easy to refill the tank from streams, creeks or dams.


Fully equipped, the unit comes with a fire kit and it can double as a plant wash down machine. That kit includes a poly reel with galvanised steel mounting frame, fitted with 36 metres of 19mm high pressure fire hose to AS1221. An adjustable firefighting nozzle is supplied.
Additionally, the kit comes with a 6 metre suction hose with a strainer fitted. A heavy-duty jockey wheel is supplied as standard equipment.


The Aussie Fire Chief is unique and the manufacturers provide it with a 5 year warranty, whilst the Yanmar diesel engine comes with Yanmar’s 2 year guarantee. The unit can be optioned up with a wide range of accessories including, ring hitches for the trailer, a hydrant filler attachment and dust suppression bar kit that includes a radio remote option.   Other pieces of kit that add versatility include a deflector spray head with radio remote control and optional dribble bar. E-stop, battery isolation, fire extinguisher and beacon light are also available as options.

“The reason we chose the Aussie Fire Chief as the prime pump with Yanmar diesel engine is because we know about the reliability of this equipment and the free extended warranty is a big asset for customer”, said Rapid Spray’s Roy Thrush.

The trailers are claimed by Rapid to have the toughest chassis in the market. They have twenty years of trailer design and construction experience, supplying demand from the local the mining industry in Singleton, New South Wales, where coal is king!

Further information on the Aussie Fire Chief click here.

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