Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive and Petrol High Pressure Transfer Pumps Brigade Boss

Kirsty Clayton checks out the new Aussie QP3310SX high pressure transfer pump.

Big Pumps Make Sense

Model: Aussie Brigade Boss

With the new Carbon Tax set to drive fuel costs up, farmers are looking for more efficient pump equipment.  One company, Australian Pump Industries, have been working hard to develop a line of bigger flow and higher pressure transfer pumps. These use less horsepower and, consequently less fuel to achieve fast and positive water transfer results.

“We began work on this project 5 years ago” said Aussie Pump Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.  “The results are 3” pumps that are cost effective but deliver unparalleled results in both low pressure and high pressure water transfer applications,” he said.

Based on an original design conceived for high pressure fire fighting and crop protection applications, the new Aussie “Brigade Boss” pumps deliver heads as high as 70m and flows of up to 1500 litres per minute.  All of this is achieved with either Honda petrol, or Yanmar, or Kubota diesel engine drives.

The big pumps are not only designed to move more water per litre of fuel but also to prime better any other self-priming pump on the market! “We call them Aussie “Quick Prime” pumps because they prime faster and from greater depths!” said Farrugia.  “The Brigade Boss series will draw water through a vertical lift of 8.4 litres.  That’s extraordinary performance,” he said.

The petrol versions use genuine Honda GX series 13 horsepower engines, backed by a 3 year Honda warranty.  The pumps are superbly matched with the engines capability and designed to get the most out of both wet end and engine!

Diesel engine models, generally considered to be both more fuel efficient and possess engine longevity factors not found in petrol drives, are genuine Yanmar or Kubota diesels, chosen for their performance, features and top quality.

“We see a plethora of cheap Chinese Honda or Yanmar clone engines hoisted on unsuspecting buyers with pretty dire consequences” said Farrugia.  “There are loads of horror stories about engines that last less than a week, parts that don’t fit and fuel consumption that is really horrible,” he said.

The new Brigade Boss series, with their high heads and bigger flows will move water fast between dams, fill tanks quicker and with less fuel consumption and, significantly less engine or pump wear.  Aussie Pumps engineers believe that getting the job done fast not only provides huge through life cost savings but is significantly more efficient.  “Imagine having to go and refuel the pump four times during a tank filling exercise when it can be done with one of these big Aussies on a single tank of fuel,” Farrugia said.

Aussie Pump engineers developed interchangeable impeller kit guide vanes for the big 3” pumps.  Those combinations provide a range of variations that enable the farmer to select, and if necessary to convert, his pump during the life of the unit to different performance characteristics to suit individual jobs.

For example the pump that’s originally supplied in the super high flow configuration with flows of up to 1500 litres a minute, heads to 50m, can be retro-fitted easily and cheaply into a super high pressure pump that delivers a 800 litres a minute maximum flow and a vertical head of 70m.  That 70m head translates to a 100psi performance, i.e. enough to drive a water cannon, fire fighting nozzles or irrigation spray heads.

Changing over the pump’s rotating parts, i.e. the impeller and volute is straight forward. It can be carried out by an experienced fitter in less than half an hour.  Aussie Pumps claim to be Australia’s leading self-priming centrifugal pump specialist with a design department that keeps coming up with new ideas to help farmers get the best quality product, the best performance and the best value.

“We even back the product range with a unique 5 year extended pump end warranty, 4 years longer than our key competitors, at no extra charge to consumers,” said Farrugia.  “That’s confidence!” he said.

Further information including a free technical pump selection guide is readily available from Australian Pump Industries’ Gold Distributors throughout Australia.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie transfer pumps is available from our Aussie High Pressure Transfer Pumps
page or download our Aussie Quik Prime Petrol High Pressure Transfer Pumps PDF (163kb)or Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive High Pressure Transfer Pumps PDF (181kb).


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