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high pressure steam cleaner
Aussie Pumps show off the new Stella steam cleaner at CivEnEx, Eastern Creek 2009.

Cleaning Equipment: Steamy Stella A Show Stopper

Australian Pumps’ revolutionary high pressure steam cleaner, the Aussie Stella, is creating huge interest at agricultural and construction machinery shows around Australia. Available in single or 3 phase configuration, the compact but heavy duty electric drive steam cleaner is proving ideal for cleaning applications in food processing, plant maintenance and machinery
wash down.

Most recently, the revolutionary steam cleaners attracted huge interest at Sydney’s CivEnEx local government and  construction industry show.

Available in a range of sizes from single phase 1500 psi versions right through to big 3 phase 4,000 psi cleaners, the Stella range represents a revolutionary approach to steam cleaner design.

“Customers told us they wanted simple heavy duty machines without complicated electronics” said Product Manager, Ali Hamade. “They also wanted heavy duty steel frames, easy to access components for service and rugged reliability” he said.

Aussie Pump’s engineers claim the Stella meets this criteria admirably with a range of features not available on any other machine. The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex brass pump with stainless steel valves, the Bertolini exclusive double seal system and solid ceramic pistons and over size roller bearings.

The machines are equipped with ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) including thermal dump and safety valve as standard. The safety valve blows off if the machine spikes, protecting both the cleaner and operator. The thermal dump activates if the machine is left on excessive by-pass.

A simple version of Total Stop Protection is also supplied as standard equipment, shutting the machine down automatically when the gun is not in use.

The machine is built super tough with its basic chassis consisting of a tubular steel frame, chrome plated for corrosion protection. Steel side panels are “click on” enabling the operator easy access to the unit for servicing.

All pump basic service and adjustment is facilitated by the uniquely designed cowling that enables full visibility of the pump, unloader and detergent injection system.

The boiler system consists of a stainless steel AISI3045 fire box and chimney with perforated chrome steel cover. Four big rubber tyred solid wheels facilitate ease of movement and a simple electrical system with user friendly controls makes the machine easy to service.

“The Stella range are not lightweight machines” said Hamade. “They offer steam temperatures of up to 140ºC and are equipped with 1450 rpm pumps and 4 pole heavy duty motors for long trouble free life” he said. “Although they are priced right, they are not lightweights with the Gigante, our big 4,000 psi machine, weighing in at 230 kgs” he said.

Users wanting to hire the Aussie Stella steam cleaner can rent from Kennards Hire and other major equipment rental companies throughout Australia.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Stella steam cleaners is available on our high pressure steam cleaners page or download our electric steam cleaners PDF [61KB]

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