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China’s ‘Fast Train’ comes clean thanks to 4,000 psi Giant steam cleaner.

Aussie Giant Export Action

Model: Aussie Gigante

The Aussie Giganti (Giant) 4,000psi steam cleaner is being used by Chinese rail services to clean 600kph locomotives.  ‘Fast Trains’ are the Chinese version of Japan’s famous bullet trains.

The Aussie ‘Giant’ is the world’s biggest production model 4,000 psi electric drive steam cleaner, and was selected because of its super high performance and reliability.  The machine blasts away dirt and grime from the super streamlined express and uses steam to melt away oil and grease stains.

An additional, but exceptionally important duty for the machine is de‑icing the undercarriage and wheels of the train.  This can be a major hazard for locomotives operating at high speeds. The Giganti generates a flow of 18 lpm, and boasts a pressure rating of 6,000 psi EWP (effective working pressure) when used with an Aussie Turbomaster hot water turbo lance.

The machine is designed like the Aussie Stella steam cleaner.  That is it is powered by a heavy duty 4 pole slow speed motor for long life, comes with a ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini pump to provide the power and flow required and is built into a super strong steel frame with major components readily available for ease of service.

“We are really delighted that the Giganti was chosen for this very demanding yet vital application.  The machines are operating beautifully and the trains are now cleaner, safe and on time,” said Aussie Export Manager Adrian Fiatarone.

“The Giganti is an extension of our Stella range of steam cleaners. The Stella changed people’s idea about what a steam cleaner should look like. It doesn’t follow the usual European style but rather has serviceability and function as its major design criteria,” he said,

The Giganti comes with an ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit and the heavy duty tubular frame has click on side covers that enable easy access to all components for service.

A stainless steel A.I.S.I 304 fire box and chimney come with a perforated chromed steel cover as standard.

The motor is designed for long trouble free life, with a simple electrical system with user friendly controls.

“We made sure there were no fancy electronics or PCBs fitted to the machine. We wanted it to be simple, strong, and reliable,” said Fiatarone.

For further information on Aussie heavy duty steam cleaners visit our High Pressure Steam Cleaners page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Robust & Simple Electric Steam Cleaners PDF (64kb).

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