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The Aussie Raptor 7200 psi Hydro Blaster even cuts through concrete.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Blasts Plant Clean

Model: Raptor  

A new high pressure hydro blaster designed for a wide range of tasks including plant cleaning has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Claimed to be suitable for use in mine sites and construction sites, the new Australian designed and built machine has a whopping pressure of 12,000 psi EWP (effective working pressure) when used with a Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

Called the Aussie Raptor HD, the new machine is the brain child of Aussie Pumps product manager Bruce Hulm. “We wanted to be the first to built serious hydro blasters on a production line basis” said Lorenz. “Our aim is to reduce the cost to a fraction of that of imported machines of similar capacity through economies of scale” he said.

The Raptor HD is driven by a Hatz air cooled diesel engine delivering 18 kilowatt of power. The heart of the system is a big 7,200 psi (500 bar) quintuplet style of pump with ceramic pistons and a 316 grade stainless steel pump head.

A large capacity oil filled, cast steel crankcase provides real strength and guarantees cool running.

Like all Aussie industrial class blasters, the machine features ASP (Aussie Safety Protection). The ASP kit includes a safety valve designed to protect the operator and machine from pressure spikes. The kit also includes a thermal dump valve that is designed to ensure cool running of the pump even if left on by-pass for extended periods. It’s extended by-pass running that causes the most damage to piston pumps by generating over heating of the liquid in the pump head and consequent cavitation and failure.

The Aussie Raptor HD is mobile, coming in a heavy duty steel galvanised roll cage trolley with tie-downs and centralised lifting bar. The lifting bar means that the machine can be craned where necessary within the shipyard.

“We built the Raptor HD to deliver maximum pressure with the minimum amount of water to get the job done effectively” said Hulm. “The pump’s flow is only 12 litres per minute and the machine cuts through paint, rust and other solids, like a laser” he said.

The Raptor HS is expected to be a real interest to mine sites and contractors wanting to blast plant clean quickly but thoroughly.

Australian Pump claim the new machine represents excellent value for money and has great export potential.

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