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The Aussie GMP industrial pumps have been designed for a wide range of on farm applications including water transfer, animal effluent pump and even drip irrigation.

Pumps: Aussie 4” Drought Buster

Model: B4XRA electric

A new Aussie cast iron self priming motor pump designed for continuous service in irrigation applications has been
released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie GMP model B4XRA, the big cast iron pump is configured
as a close coupled motor pump powered by a 15HP totally enclosed fan coiled (TEFC) two pole, 11kW electric motor.

“It’s self priming design gives users a great facility to be able to suck water from creeks, streams or dams without
having to prime the suction line before every start,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager John Whiteley. “More
over, the self priming feature means that the pump can suck water through a vertical lift in excess of 6 metres,” he said.

With a maximum flow of 2500 litres per minute, that’s 150,000 litres per hour, and a pressure rating of up to 28 metres
head, the big 4” pump is capable of handling a wide range of on farm applications as diverse as animal effluent pump out, to flood, spray or even drip irrigation.

“The new 4” pump has excellent efficiencies enabling users to save power and get more water at the same time,” said Whiteley. “It’s consistent with our policy to keep producing greener, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly products all the time,” he said.

The big pump is also available in bronze or cast 316 grade stainless steel configurations making it suitable for aquaculture, or environments where liquids are particularly corrosive for example piggery sump pump out or even ag chemical transfer. Viton seals are available s an option.

For particularly abrasive applications i.e. piggery effluent, semi trash versions of the pump are available with opening front ports and silicon carbide or tungsten carbide mechanical seals.

“The best news for farmers is that these big cast iron self primers are convenient, “green” and relatively inexpensive, considering their specification and performance,” said Whiteley.

For further information visit our GMP pumps page or download our GMP electric drive transfer pumps PDF [391KB]

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