Councils and water authorities across the country are warning of major issues with non flushables being used as a result of ‘loo’ roll shortages. Sydney Water has reported a 22% increase in blockages caused by these non-dissolving items.

Plumbers who specialise in drain cleaning are now being inundated with work! They are under pressure to cover as many jobs as possible to prevent infection and the spread of germs.

Eric from Bourn Plumbing is getting jetting

Aussie Pumps, the leading drain jetter manufacture in the country, is reporting a sales surge as plumbers upgrade their gear.

“We’re finding many plumbers who traditionally use mechanical “eels and snakes” to clear drains, are now switching to high pressure “jetters”. They are telling us how using high pressure water to clear chokes means the job is done in a fraction of the time,” said Aussie Pumps Albie Bester.


Making the leap to a jetter is affordable thanks to Aussie Pumps ‘Jetter Jackpot’ initiative. The company is promoting their entry-level, Class A 4,000 psi Cobra A jetter, 4,000 psi, for only $7,000 plus GST. That’s $1,540 off the recommended list price!


As a class A jetter, no operator RTO certification is required under the Australian High-Pressure Jetting Safety Standards. That means a plumber can be in the jetting business without the need for formal RTO training and certification.

“We provide a complete Jetter safety manual and online videos which show how to use and maintain a jetter,” said Bester. “However there are also a lot of trade video’s from plumbers that show just how easy it is to use our machines,” he said.

Queensland company, Jetset Plumbing also prefer “jetters” over traditional mechanical drain cleaning hoses. Their website analyses the difference and shows the advantages of a high pressure “jetter” over mechanical drain cleaners.

With the Federal Government’s extended 100% instant asset write-off, a plumber can then also claim back up to 49% of the price of a jetter.

“Our Jetter Jackpot program is extremely popular with start-ups and for those who have used eels for years but realise their limitations,” said Bester. “Plumbers tell us jetting is not only faster, but safer and infinitely cleaner,” he said.

Aussie’s Cobra A Jetter includes a 60 metre 5,000 psi super flexible sewer hose. Used in conjunction with an Aussie Viper Mini Reel, with an additional 60m of hose, the Cobra A capability is extended to 120m. That distance means you can clear chokes inside buildings without the need to remove the jetter from the ute or trailer.

Every machine comes with a comprehensive nozzle pack.  Different nozzles are used for tackling a range of chokes in domestic and commercial drains, that include serious tree root infestations.

For spec details for the Aussie Cobra … click here 

Further information is available from Reece, Tradelink or other authorised plumbing distributors of the Aussie Cobra range.

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