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Stuart Marshman of Dungowan, near Tamworth, chose to protect his family with an Aussie Fire Chief because of it’s unbeatable five year warranty and performance.

Pumps: 5 Year Pump Warranty

Model: Aussie QP pumps

It is more than 4 years now since Australian Pump Industries introduced a unique 5 year warranty covering the range of Aussie Quik Prime self priming centrifugal pumps.  That extensive product range includes top quality pumps from 1” Ultralites all the way through to pumps for fire fighting, transfer  and heavy duty 6” trash handling units designed for the most demanding construction or mining applications.

“When we launched the 5 year warranty sceptics claimed it would send us broke and competitors hoped it would” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.  “On the contrary, it showed the market the real proof of just how good the product is by differentiating”. he said.

The Aussie Quik Prime 5 year warranty is provided to end users, whether they are domestic, commercial or industrial appliers of the product.  The warranty guarantees the product to be free of faulty workmanship or material for the full 5 year period and applies to the Australian Pump Industries’ pump end fitted to various brands of petrol or diesel engines.

“Of course the pump is our responsibility whilst the engine that we fit is the responsibility of the engine manufacturer or his representative” said Farrugia.  “Thus Honda is responsible for Honda warranties for their section of our Aussie Fire Chief, whilst we guarantee the pump end for 5 years” he said.

The company claims that although the product now comes with a unique 5 year guarantee, it doesn’t sell for any more.   The warranty is a sign of confidence in the quality and performance of the engineering that supports the pump rather than an insurance policy at an additional cost.

The Aussie Fire Chief has been widely used over recent years by the Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, the New South Wales Fire Brigade, Queensland Emergency Services and many other Government Departments including National Parks and Wildlife.

Government and professional users appreciate the confidence that an extended warranty provides.  “Australian Pump Industries use only the finest material in the QP pump range, including high SG cast iron, top grade aluminium and genuine Japanese petrol and diesel engines, made in Japan, not in third world factories” said Farrugia.    “We have gone to a lot of trouble and cost to make the product as good as it is and the 5 year warranty is a very tangible way of presenting those genuine user advantages of performance and longevity to consumers”  he said.

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