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Aussie triples production of the Aussie Smart pump to meet increase in orders.

Pumps: Aussie Fertiliser Pump Growth

Model: Aussie Poly

A new engine drive 30% glass filled polyester pump designed for handling liquid fertiliser and other agricultural chemicals has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The Aussie 2” and 3” Smart pumps have 6.5HP Honda engines and are backed by the new Honda national three year engine warranty.

Impressive results achieved by farmers across Australia using liquid fertiliser have lead to significant interest in the Aussie pump. Australian Pump Industries has reported a huge increase in demand for these pumps and has tripled production to keep up with the orders.

“We’ve seen an increase in demand for non corrosive pumps that will handle a range of liquid fertilisers and ag chemicals safely,” said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia. “And with the new Honda three year engine warranty, we are building more than ever this season.”

The Aussie Smart pump is available in a 2” configuration, producing up to 835 litres per minute flow, or a 3” version that can generate flows of up to 1,010 litres per minute with heads as high as 37 metres.

The pump’s unique construction material, glass filled polyester, is impervious to corrosion generated by liquid fertiliser. Stainless steel fasteners are standard equipment and EPDM o-rings, check valves and other elastomers suitable for most ag chemical liquid applications are a standard option.

“For even more aggressive liquids we can also build these pumps with Viton seal kits,” said Farrugia.

Although the new Honda engine drives are attracting a lot of interest, the same pumps are also available with either hydraulic or electric drive.

For further information visit our fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Polly PDF [617KB].

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