Farm Equipment Comes Clean

George Commins from Commins Enterprises, Whitton, NSW demonstrates Aussie Pumps’ Super Indy on his John Deere spray rig.

Model: Super Indy

High pressure steam cleaners have become an essential piece of equipment for the primary producers of Australia. Aussie Pumps versatile range provides the ability to clean tractors, sheds and equipment and the steam capability for efficient sanitisation.

With the end of the financial year coming up, many farmers are looking at their capital budgets with a view to upgrading their equipment. Buyers are acquiring new plant before the 30th of June, obtaining maximum depreciation benefits or leasing tax breaks.

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s biggest producer of high pressure water blasters, has come up with an innovative heavy duty steam cleaner, designed particularly with primary producers in mind. Called the Aussie Super Indy range, the product line-up includes single and three phase steamers with pressures as high as 3,000 psi.

In line with food production industry requirements, the new machines feature a heavy duty stainless steel cover that is impact resistant. The cover is mounted on a robust steel chassis with integrated front mounted bumper.

“We decided to move away from European style machines with their traditional poly or plastic covers” said Adrian Fiatarone, Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager. “The machines are loaded with features to make it easy and safe to use but provide plenty of capability for fast effective cleaning and sanitising,” he said.

The pumps are heavy duty Italian triplex design running at 1450 rpm for long continuous trouble free life. The range starts with a 240 volt single phase machine delivering 1500 psi (100 Bar) and 12 lpm flow. The machine reaches 120 degrees C, providing loads of steam power when needed. Three phase machines are also available when more performance is required with flows of up to 21 lpm. Stainless steel burner coils are available for rural areas with “hard” water.

The new Aussie Super Indy range offers timed “Total Stop” designed to shut the machine off after the operator releases the trigger of the gun. This not only reduces wear on the machine but saves power.

Other intelligent features include a “Micro Leak” control. The “Micro Leak” shuts the machine down if a leak is detected in the high pressure system. This is an essential for maintaining optimum performance and eliminates breakdowns and subsequent downtime. Low water and low fuel cut outs have also been incorporated in this state-of-the-art steam cleaner.

Ergonomic dials give the operator infinitely variable temperature control. That means the machine can vary from cold water to full 120 degree steam by simply turning a dial. This steam function is ideal for shifting dried mud and biological material from farm machinery. It is also indispensible for washing down stainless steel equipment and particularly for wash down and sterilizing of stock sheds.

Australian Pump has also developed a great range of stainless steel high pressure hose reels. These can be either machine or wall mounted. They have the ability to hold up to 75 metres of high pressure hose with the reel rated for hot water to 200 degrees C and pressures as high as 5,000 psi.

“The new stainless steel hot water reels go hand in hand with the Super Indy range” said Adrian Fiatarone. “They are a real safety asset and substantially aid productivity and reduce wash down times”.

See the full Super Indy specifications on our Professional Electric Steam Cleaners page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Professional Electric Steam Cleaners PDF (54kb).

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