Smart Pump Gets Smarter

farm transfer chemicals pump
The Viton Aussie Smart pump is chemical resistant and enables fast, leak free transfer to sprayer tanks, improving turnaround times and cutting costs.

Model: Viton Smart Pump

Pumping large volumes of nitrogen based liquid fertilizers and aggressive farm chemicals can be hazardous. Many farmers are still using standard fire pumps intended for water transfer.

Aussie Pumps’ new Viton Smart Pump is designed and built to safely transfer farm chemicals “leak free”. The super-efficient 30% glass filled polyester pumps are chemical resistant.

The Viton version of the Smart Pump uses genuine Viton material for all seals, check valves and O-rings. That means compatibility with most agricultural chemicals, salt water, diesel fuel, light oils and of course fresh water.

All pump end components are made from top quality material and the injection moulding process guarantees consistent replication. The 2” Smart Pumps are lightweight and compact. They are powered by a Honda 6.5hp petrol engine, with an electric start option available. The genuine Honda engine offers a 3 year warranty whilst the pump end itself is guaranteed by an absolutely free 5 year warranty.

The 2” pump will prime through a vertical lift of 6.6 metres and offers users heads of up to 32 metres in its high pressure configuration or flows of up to 835 litres per minute in its high flow version. A 3” version is also available with flows up to 1100 litres per minute.

The Aussie Smart Pump, named because of its versatility, offers a built-in handle for easy portability and comes mounted on heavy duty steel skids with anti-vibration mounts for stability.

Fast fill pumps, that are chemically compatible, mean big, expensive sprayers can be turned around fast, getting more done and reducing costs to the grower and the contractor.

“It is hard to believe that some farmers are still using aluminium firefighting pumps with flow capacities half that of these Aussie Smart Pumps,” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “Chemical spills are expensive and potentially dangerous. Our goal is leak free chemical transfers done fast and safely without contaminating the environment,” he said.

Further information on the Aussie Smart Pumps is available from Aussie Pumps Gold Distributors across the country or download our Aussie Poly Pumps Spec Sheet.


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