High Pressure Diesel Pumps

high pressure diesel pumps
The Aussie Fuel Miser diesel engine drive pumps offer major cost savings over the operating life of a pump.

Pumps: Aussie Diesel Pumps Save Fuel

Model: Fuel Miser

Top quality, budget priced diesel drive Aussie high pressure and high flow pumps can provide users with substantial fuel savings! Australian Pump, claimed to be Australia’s biggest manufacturer of diesel drive pump units, offers only first class genuine Japanese production engines to drive their range of fire fighting and water transfer pumps.

The engines, carefully selected by Australian Pump because of their performance, fuel economy and outstanding quality include Yanmar, Kubota and Robin (Subaru) air cooled diesel drives. All of these top quality Japanese engines are backed by a 2 year engine warranty and fully supported by trained authorised service agents around Australia and throughout the South Pacific.

Called the “Aussie Fuel Misers” the diesel drive units are close coupled and relatively lightweight considering their performance characteristics. They all come built into heavy duty galvanised steel frames with anti vibration mounts as standard equipment.

“What farmers and contractors like about the Aussie Fuel Miser range, is the high torque characteristics of the engines, coupled with real fuel savings that can result in major cost reductions over the operating life of the machines” said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager John Whiteley. “Reduced “through life” maintenance costs are an added bonus” he said.

The Fuel Miser range includes versions of the popular Aussie Fire Chief high pressure fire fighting pump and Aussie gushers,
suitable for water transfer and tanker applications in 2”, 3” and 4” configurations.

Aussie gushers revolutionised water transfer by providing high flows and excellent efficiencies. Coupled with low fuel consumption diesel engine drives, they make ideal transfer or water cart pumps, replacing low flow fire pumps, commonly used by farmers or contractors for this application.

“Users can save huge amounts on fuel and running time by using a properly selected Aussie diesel drive gusher to unload or load water tankers” said Whiteley.

Aussie Pumps prime better than others with a vertical lift capacity of up to 7.6 metres on 2” and 3” models. The Aussie QP402 4” transfer pump, with a whopping 1800 litres a minute maximum flow, offer an amazing vertical lift of 8.4 metres!

Aussie diesel drive Fuel Misers are part of the Aussie Quik Prime range and are backed by an exclusive 5 year pump end warranty. “Only Aussie Pumps has the confidence to offer a 5 years warranty” said Whiteley, “that’s because of the extra material, engineering and quality control that goes into the product” he said.

The good news for farmers and contractors is the diesel Fuel Miser range are very aggressively priced, and aimed at providing budget buyers with a truly viable option to the cheap Chinese products entering the market.

“Aussie Pumps 5 year warranty says it all” said Whiteley. “Add to that genuine savings on fuel by going diesel and you have a real recession busting combination” he said.

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