Silent Aussie Goes Hatz

Aussie Peacekeeper diesel engine drive pressure cleaner
(from the left) Hamish Lorenz and John Hales from Aussie Pumps show off the latest ‘Aussie Peacekeeper’ cold water blaster to Wolfram Hatz, Managing Director of Hatz Diesel. Ulrich Weh, Hatz Marketing Director and Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Australia look on.

Model: Aussie Peacekeeper

As Hatz diesel engines celebrate their 30th anniversary in Australia, the visiting German senior executive team paid a visit to key local pressure cleaner manufacturer, Australian Pump Industries.  The company has been working with Hatz Australia to develop high pressure water blasters that work safely and “silently” in urban and noise restricted spaces.

The owner and managing director of Hatz diesel engine company, Mr Wolfram Hatz visited Australian Pump’s 2.5 acre Sydney factory complex to check out the latest prototype unit. He also held discussions with the Aussie Pumps’ development team on future moves to introduce Hatz emission efficient and silenced engines into the Australian pump and pressure cleaner market.

The new cold water, diesel engine drive 4,000 psi pressure cleaner is close to release.  Aussie Pump engineers, working with Hatz, have produced a very effective 4,000 psi machine that can be tuned to produce noise levels under 70dbA.

As part of Aussie Pumps’ ‘Peacekeeper’ series the blaster is built around the Aussie Scud award winning design. The new machine uses the powerful but quiet Hatz 13.5hp ‘SilentPACK’ engine.

The heart of the system is the ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini heavy duty, gearbox drive triplex pump that effortlessly delivers 4,000 psi and 15 lpm flow.  The machine fits neatly into a heavy duty galvanised steel trolley frame.

“The engine purrs quietly so the operator can get the cleaning job done the minimum disturbance ,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Hamish Lorenz.  “Final testing is now complete, and the product is about to start field trials. It is on-track to be released to the market later this year,” he said.

The 4,000 psi Peacekeeper is the beginning of Aussie Pumps’ evolving “urban friendly” cleaning equipment range aimed at Councils and contractors cleaning in areas where noise restrictions apply.

“We set out to produce a machine that provides real capability but at the same time is environmentally friendly,” said Lorenz.

Mr Wolfram Hatz was accompanied by Ulrich Weh, Hatz Marketing Director, and Sami Almogawish, Managing Director of Hatz Australia.  “The support we get from Hatz is phenomenal,” said Lorenz, “and the SilentPACK engine can be serviced by trained and authorised technicians throughout the country,” he said.

Watch this space as Aussie Pump engineers continue to push boundaries and develop more pumps and pressure cleaners in the Peacekeeper range for mining and construction applications.

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