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Aussie Scud 351
Aussie Yanmar diesel powered Scud 351 comes in special “Up-spec Pack” configuration.

Model: Aussie Scud BB351

Successful cattle producers understand that a clean and hygienic environment is essential. Australian Pump Industries, working with leading local and Indonesian livestock producers have produced a unique diesel drive high pressure water blaster designed for this application.

Called the Aussie Scud BB351, the unique machine delivers a combination of flow and pressure ideal for stockyard clean up. The heart of the machine is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex pump that delivers 21 lpm flow. The slow speed, gearbox drive pump has a pressure capability of 2,600 psi, ideal for wash down application.

Indonesia’s biggest piggery uses a fleet of these Australian designed and built machines to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

The machines can be powered by either Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel drive engines. “We chose Honda where petrol is preferred because of their reliability, easy starting and domestic and international aftermarket support program,” said Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

“Many livestock producers are going diesel and Yanmar’s big 10 hp electric start power plant provides reliability and fuel economy,” he said.

The machine comes in a unique Aussie “Scud” hot galvanised one piece steel frame with 4 big 13” pneumatic tyred wheels. The Scud design, a unique Australian development, provides a combination of OH&S friendly features with ergonomics not found on any other machines. “Users are surprised at the Scud’s ability, even with the diesel drive version that weighs in at around 100 kilos. Moving this machine around is child’s play” said Lorenz.

The company has developed an “Up-spec Pack” that sets the machine up with integrated 4,000 psi rated hose reel. The hose reel is mounted conveniently above the machine’s centre of balance and stores up to 50 metres of high pressure hose. The Up-spec Pack also includes a high pressure turbo lance that gives the operator an effective working pressure of up to 4,200 psi and cuts cleaning time by up to 50%.

“The turbo saves huge amounts of time, cuts water usage and saves energy and machine wear and tear” said Hamish Lorenz.

The machine also has a high/low pressure capability that can be adjusted by the operator at the gun. This is affected through a double stainless steel lance with an adjustment valve that also enables the operator to apply non caustic cleaning agents to the job when necessary.

The machines are supported by a first class aftermarket warranty program. The ‘Big Berty’ pump comes with a 3 year warranty. The Honda engine, carefully match tested to the product and approved by Honda internationally for this application, comes with a 3 year warranty support programme. The Yanmar diesel option has a 2 year factory guarantee.

“We spared no effort in design and consultation with users to come up with the best machine for this application” said Lorenz. “Our huge production at our 2.1/2 acre Castle Hill plant means prices are competitive even in cut priced international markets” he said.

The company has released a 2015 packaged deal programme for both the Honda and Yanmar version of the Scud 351 with Australian operators able to acquire the “Up-spec Pack” with a major discount. This special offer is available from Australian Pump Industries, and Authorised Distributors through Australia and the South Pacific.

For further information on the Aussie Scud 351 download our Aussie Scud Blasters PDF (1.18MB).

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