Get Jetting ………. $2 a Day

Grant Richardson tests out Aussie’s Cobra, cleaning drains in quick time.

Model: Cobra

Clearing blocked drains with high pressure water blaster jetters is still relatively new and considered by some plumbers as a highly specialised part of the business.  There are a growing number of jetters in the market, with lower costs and increasing effectiveness means that even plumbers can now get into the jetting business from as little as $2 a day.

Australia’s leading manufacturer, Aussie Pumps, and the originator of the 4,000 psi plus high pressure jetting machine, have produced a new, low cost, point of entry that can be leased for as little as $2 a day.

The Aussie Mini Cobra, little  brother of the original Aussie Cobra offers a genuine 4,000 psi pressure capability to clear up to 100 mm blocked drain with ease.  “The Mini Cobra will even drive our Roof Mulcher nozzle that’ll munch its way through tree roots,” said Aussie pumps product manager Greg Hulbert.  “It may take a little longer than using a 5,000 psi King Cobra, but it will still do the job much quicker than any mechanical means and much cheaper too,” he said.

The Mini Cobra is powered by a Honda 13 hp industrial petrol engine mounted in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame designed specifically for drain cleaning.  The frame comes with a high pressure Aussie “Reel Mate” hose with 30 metres of top quality drain cleaning hose.

The machines trolley is mounted on four wheels which can be taken off the machine to enable the frame to be hard mounted to a trailer or Ute tray.

The cobra comes with an Aussie root mulcher and two popular drain cleaning nozzles, the Aussie Penetrator and the Aussie Compressor.  “90% or drains can be cleared with the basic nozzle kit but, plumbers can option the machine up with additional nozzles from our extensive range if they want to build capability,” said Hulbert.

The machine offers a real entry offer price point with the leasing option making it ridiculously cheap to own one of these very competent pieces of equipment.  Aussie Pumps have put the Mini Cobra on the market for only $5,354 plus GST.

An Aussie Viper Mini Reel, equipped with 60 metres of high pressure jetting hose and heavy duty stainless steel shut off valve can be matched to the Mini Cobra to provide a serious extension of capability, even in hard to reach or access locations.  The Mini Reel comes on its own stainless steel carry stand with locating brackets that enables three nozzle locations.  The locations feature quick couplers so that the nozzles can be firmly attached but easily accessed on site.

The Mini Reels means that the machine can be left on the Ute while the choke is cleared in the house, for maximum convenience.

The Aussie Pump Cobra drain cleaning jetter leasing plan is readily available from Aussie Pump distributors with free “how to” documentation readily available on request.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Jetters is available from our Drain Cleaning Equipment page or download our Trolley Mounted Drain Cleaning Jetters PDF (70kb).

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