Hire Industry High Pressure Cleaners

bb100k pressure cleaner
Aussie Pump’s Bruce Hulm with the compact 2000 psi Aussie blaster, designed to fit in a standard car boot.

Cleaning Equipment: Handy Hire Blaster

Model: Aussie BB100K

A new compact engine drive pressure cleaner designed specifically for the construction and rental markets has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Called the Aussie BB100K, the new machine produces 2,000 psi pressure with an EWP (Effective Working Pressure) of 3,400 psi when used with the Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance.

The compact machine comes in a unique galvanised frame designed specifically by Aussie Pump engineers to fit in a car boot or, in theback of a utility with tonneau cover. “The compact size and lightweight means anybody can hire the machine without having to pay expensive delivery or pick up charges added to the hire fee” said Aussie Pumps’ Bruce Hulm.

The heart of the system of the Aussie blaster is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex pump with ceramic pistons. The pump’s flow rate of 11 litres a minute, added to the 2,000 psi pump pressure provides enough “whack” to clean machinery, driveways, concrete or most other trade or domestic cleaning task. The unit is powered by a Honda or Robin industrial air cooled petrol  engine and supported by their engine service support networks throughout Australia.

The accessories supplied with the machine are designed to make the operator’s life easy. A top quality high pressure pistol grip provides the operator with infinitely variable flow control and a stainless steel lance, available either in single or double barrel version, enables the operator to pin point the high pressure jet to the task.

10 metres of double wire braid Aussie high pressure hose enables the operator to complete cleaning tasks without having to move the machine. The machines lance is fitted with “Aussie Laser Tip” nozzles for clean cutting, accurate, water blasting.

The “Big Berty” pump offers a number of advanced features that include multi fin crankcase for cool operation, bottom seat valve caps for stronger more positive sealing and forged bronze 1 piece conrods for added strength and improved piston alignment.

The pumps are protected from excessive by-pass running by an Aussie thermal dump protection valve built into the high pressure circuit. The valve is preset and activates when the pump water temperature reaches a predetermined level. A safety valve to protect the pump and operator from excessive pressure spikes is also standard  equipment.

The compact galvanised steel trolley comes with two solid rubber tyres and anti-vibration mounts making it easy to move around.

“Our engineers really had the operator in mind when they designed this machine” said Hulm. “The ease of operation and its portability makes it a very useful tool on any site” he said.

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