Aussies New Clean Air Vac

new clean air wet dry vacuum cleaners
The new industrial range of wet/dry vacs from Aussie Pumps feature 99.9% filtration, poly barrels and a unique five year warranty.

Model: Aussie Clean Air

Australian Pump Industries, leaders in the field of high pressure water blasters and industrial vacuum cleaners, have launched a whole new range of wet/dry vacs produced by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers.

The vacuum cleaners, marketed under the brand name “Aussie Clean Air” all feature a unique Microweb 99.9% filter.

The vacs are loaded with features but the Microweb filter is of huge benefit to industrial users. Its unique homopolymer construction uses a revolutionary acrylic fibre. It has a microporous membrane applied to the collection surface that provides a kind of “Teflon” finish. This provides a low pressure drop and causes the dust to “cake”. That caking facilitates better dust release, improves collection efficiency and results in huge time savings over the life of the machine.

“The caking system releases the dust with a shake of the filter. No scrubbing or beating is required” said Aussie Pumps’ Bruce Hulm.

The Microweb is essential for vacuuming dust from limestone, bio chemical, lead, sugar, cement, precious metals, pigments and fertilisers!

The new Aussie Clean Air machines are robust with rugged polypropylene barrels that are impact resistant. The vacs come with barrel sizes of up to 75 litre capacity and up to 3 powerful 1200 watt motors. That provides real capacity with the big machines pulling 181 L/sec airflow and a water lift of 2600mm!

“Many of Europe’s major manufacturers of vacs use cheap third world motors. Our formula for design calls for only top quality European motors that can be warranted for an extended period,” said Hulm. “They cost more but we are not out to protect the bottom line but rather to provide a better machine, better cleaning results and lower through life operating costs,” he said.

The Aussie Clean Air vacs are supported with a unique five year warranty against faulty material or workmanship.

The 75 litre vac comes with heavy duty professional 40mm accessory tool kit. A bigger version, the Jumbo wet/dry vac, comes with 50mm and 90mm accessory kits enabling it to pick-up objects as large as coke cans. This version comes with a 1 metre suction tube with poly suction spout.

Further information on the Aussie Clean Air wet/dry vacuum cleaners is available from our Vacs page or from Aussie Pump distributors nationwide.

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