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Chris Andrighetto from Griffith checks out the features of the Honda drive Aussie Smart Pump.

Chemical Pump Delivers

Model: Aussie Poly Pump

Good growing conditions have led to a significant weed problem in parts of rural NSW. However storing and transferring weed killers and herbicides prior to spraying carries its own problems. If the pumps used are not specifically suited to chemical transfer the seals can fail leading to leaks, ground contamination and increased costs.

“We understand the corrosive nature of these chemicals,” said Aussie Product Manager, Dean Fountain. “Our pumps are designed to transfer this type of chemical safely without the fear of leaks or seal failure,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries’ 30% glass filled polyester Smart Pump is designed for handling liquid fertiliser and other agricultural chemicals. The Aussie 2” and 3” Smart Pumps have 6.5HP Honda engines and are backed by the Honda national three year engine warranty.

The Aussie Smart Pump is available in 2” or 3” configuration with either a high head or high flow impeller option. It is capable of producing up to 37m head and 835 lpm to 1,010 lpm for the 2” and 3” pumps respectively.

The pump’s unique construction material, glass filled polyester, is impervious to corrosion generated by some chemical weed killers. Stainless steel fasteners, EPDM o-rings and check valves are standard equipment for the 2” with Viton seal option available.

While Honda petrol drive Smart Pumps are the most common, the same pumps are also available with either hydraulic or electric drive.

Close coupled electric motor drive versions in either single phase or 3 phase allow simple installation.  They’re all fitted with the unique device called “Protek” designed to protect the drive in the event of seal failure.  “The Protek system is a kind of sandwich device between pump and motor” said Fountain.  “In the event of a seal failure, the Protek system traps the liquid, and prevents it from running down the shaft into the electric motor” he said.

Australian Pump offers a unique, extended 5 year warranty on the full range of Aussie Poly Pumps. Its ISO9001 Quality System ensures the highest standard of materials and workmanship.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Poly pumps is available from our Aussie Poly page or download our Aussie Poly Pumps PDF (517kb).


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