Australian Pump are mainly famous for their firefighting pumps, high pressure water blasters and trash pumps. The company is also very big on weed eradication.

“We build a range of Honda engine powered high pressure spraying equipment that’s ideal for weed control particularly in difficult terrains”, said Aussie’s Chief Engineer John Hales.

Based around Udor’s line of diaphragm spray pumps, the product extends from 40 bar, 44 litre per minute models right up to 50 bar, 153 lpm machines.


With a great combinations of pressure and flow, these machines can be used for a wider range of on farm duties. That includes spot spraying, sheep jetting, high pressure water transfer and even misting and firefighting.

“Some people even use them for machine wash down and livestock clean up!” said Hales.

Aussie Spraymaster diaphragm pump
This versatile gear can apply ag chems, washdown machinery and even be used for fighting bushfires.

The Aussie range all have sturdy stainless steel frames for easy handling, and to match with ute mounted tanks. The Kappa 43, Delta 75 (75 litre job) and Delta’s 125 (125 lpm) model, are fitted with three way outlets with pressure gauge and integrated bypass. The biggest one in the range is the Delta 151, which comes with a two way outlet, gauge, and bypass.

Machines are ideal for controlling lantana, tobacco weed or other nocuous plants that can be both unproductive and even dangerous to livestock. The biggest seller is the Kappa 43 with its 44 lpm and 40 bar (580 psi) performance.

“They’re versatile and useful for a wide range of applications. All Aussie’s Udor spray pumps are self priming, feature stainless steel check valves and have large capacity oil bath crank cases with drain plugs for ease of maintenance.

“That’s a big feature, because they know these machines are going to be out in the sun, sometimes working for long hours”, said Hales.


The company claims that they are compatible with most Ag fluids including liquid fertilisers, pesticides, weedicides, and similar common farm liquids.

“The big fellas are the bigger the flow units, in 125 and 150 per litre models. They are often used in chicken shed wash down, a big application for this type of equipment,” Hales said.

The Kappa 43 is normally produced as a Honda recoil start, but the bigger machines all come with Honda’s GX390 13hp electric start industrial petrol engines.

A range of guns, hose assemblies and similar equipment are available to suit the products offered.

Further information on the Aussie Spraymaster


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