Australian Pump Industries was the first company to build a 4,000 psi engine drive pressure cleaner in Australia. They introduced the then new concept in pressure cleaners and changed the way people think about the effective use of pressure.

Aussie Pumps proved 4,000 psi was more effective than 3,000 psi in most applications and saved water. A specially configured “Big Berty” Bertolini pump was made for this project with 13 litres per minute flow. It’s a big pump for direct drive, certainly bigger than the “cheapies” you see around tool shops.

Aussie’s new Scud 40 GT 4,000 psi pressure cleaner rolls off the Castle Hill production line.

The pump is heavy duty triplex design with solid ceramic pistons and a range of Bertolini over-engineered features.

The trick was to come up with a machine that would produce 4,000 psi and still only required the torque and horsepower of a 13hp Honda engine. The first machines, launched seven years ago as Aussie Scud AB40’s, were an instant success. Those machines had galvanised steel roll frames and four 10 inch wheels.


The revamped version was released earlier this year as the “AB40 GT”. It features an upgraded Bertolini TMG pump and is powered by a Honda 13hp recoil start engine.

The sculpted, stainless steel frame has no “sharps” and  13 inch steel wheels with flat free tyres. The closely spaced axles make moving the blaster a piece of cake. Best of all, the unit is super compact, fitting into a 900 by 800 by 900mm envelope.

The unit features a bolt-on “push handle” that also doubles as a hose rack. The company is particularly proud that the machine is super OH & S compatible.

“We really worked overtime to make this the safest machine. We’ve included an Aussie safety kit with a pressure relief valve to protect the machine and the operator in the event of pressure spikes”, said Aussie Pumps’ Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz. A thermal dump valve protects the unit against excessive by-pass operation.

The machine is already a big success and the company has completely sold out the first three production runs. A stainless steel hose reel will be available shortly. It will carry up to 30 metres of hose to give extra versatility to this unique Aussie innovation.

For further information on the Scud 40GT pressure cleaner click here

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