Aussie’s Jetters Reach Further

It’s not news that high-pressure jetting is far safer, faster and more effective that mechanical drain cleaning aids! You’ve only got to read all the posts online from plumbers’ including the famous “Drain Addict” (Oliver Parker).

The Aussie Cobra Class A jetter provides up to 4,000 PSI and requires no operator RTO certification.

Plumbers report fantastic results from drain cleaning Jetters, compared to hard to handle and potentially lethal mechanical systems. The big difference is not just convenience but the extra range from Aussie’s Cobra Jetters. 60 metres of high pressure hose provides 60 metres of pipe clearance capability!

The new Class A machines from Aussie Pumps are now available as a special package to get plumbers who haven’t converted yet into the game. A new package also can include a finance deal through major plumbing houses is the big news hitting the industry.

Safety is a massive factor in any drain cleaning process. The new Australian Safety Standards highlight the need for operators of Class B machines to be trained and RTO certified.


Aussie has seen a huge increase in demand of Class A Jetters because they are free of requirements for RTO certification and the other stringent restrictions placed on operators of the larger units.

“Aussie’s Class A Cobra comes with a 4000 PSI pump performance, 20 lpm flow and is powered by a Honda twin cylinder GX630 electric start engine. The unit comes in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame,” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. “These Class A machines come with a free safety plate, complete nozzle toolbox and wash-down gun as part of the package.”

“There are thousands of plumbers out there who haven’t seen the light! Once they use a Jetter, they’ll never go back,” he said.

For spec details for the Aussie Cobra … click here 

Further information is available from Reece, Tradelink or other authorised plumbing distributor of the Aussie Cobra range.

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