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Australian Pump Industries announce that their range of industrial vacs now come with a five year warranty.

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In a major move, that is a first for the Australian cleaning industry, Australian Pump Industries have announced that their full range of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners now come with a 5 year warranty!   The record breaking warranty, an extension of a further 4 years on the industry’s standard, is offered to industrial consumers without any extra cost.

The Aussie Eco Clean brand name of industrial vacs is well known to professional cleaning companies and to industry generally throughout Australia.  The product range includes heavy duty vacuum cleaners in wet/dry configuration of from 10 litres all the way to 200 litre drum vacs for machine shops.

The products are popular because of their robust design, user friendly features and OH & S advantages.  “Our 5 year warranty indicates the real confidence we have in the product and is a clear indicator of the quality standards adopted during all phases of manufacture and design” said Aussie Pumps’ Hamish Lorenz.   “Users are already getting tired of cheap Asian industrial vacs that just don’t go the distance.  This is our way of clearly showing that you get what you pay for” he said.

The flagship of the Aussie Eco Clean vac range is a heavy duty poly barrelled vac that has been adopted by Australia’s leading hire companies.  The Aussie machines were chosen for their impact resistant barrels, simple design, sturdy trolleys and easy service features.

One of our main advantages over conventional vacs is our unique Microweb 99.9% filtration filter.  The Microweb is a unique filter media constructed from a polyester or homo-polymer acrylic fibre with a micro porous membrane applied to the collection surface.  Ideal for dust from limestone, bio-chemicals, lead, sugar, cement, precious metals, pigments and fertilizers.

Moreover the Microweb has excellent caking characteristics making it extremely easy to clean.  The Aussie Microweb also filters out dust mites and spores providing both a cosmetic and hygienic “clean”.

Further information is available on our high pressure industrial vacuum cleaning equipment page. Further information on the new Aussie heavy duty industrial vac free extended 5 year warranty  is available by contacting Australian Pump or Authorised Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.


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