Aussie Vacs… A Healthy Clean

The Aussie EcoClean

Australian Pump Industries is well known as being a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and OH&S friendly pressure cleaners.  They also supply a range of heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners tailored to the requirements of the Australian market.

These vacs are commonly marketed under the Aussie EcoClean label. They are aimed at professional users who want to cut cleaning times but also want to stay healthy in the process.

The Aussie Microweb filter’s unique and patented fibre composition traps 99.9% of dust particles providing a health clean.

“All of our wet & Dry vacs, come with an exclusive 99.9 % Microweb filter” said Aussie Pump’s Guillaume Marais.   “That way, our vacs can provide not only a cosmetic clean but a healthy clean as well” he said.The Unique Filtration

The Unique Filtration

Microweb is a unique filtration membrane that fits the requirements of companies, manufacturing plants, and even office cleaning.   It is used in plant ventilation and dust removal activities.   The idea is that the air inhaled at workplaces stays free from harmful dust so that no illnesses occur.

Standard in Aussie’s EcoClean vacuum cleaner range, the Microweb filter can meet special dust requirements for the return of clean air into the workspace. Germany’s BIE Testing standards organisations have tested their effectiveness and the results are extraordinary!

The secret is the unique and patented fibre composition in the filter element. The surface of the fibre is finished in an acrylic micro porous coating.   That coating allows the air through but traps the dust.

Multi Purpose Power

Thus Aussie vacs can be used in not just general industrial cleaning applications but in some of the worst possible conditions including cement works, ceramic production, lime dust, gyprock, sawdust and even fertilisers.

All Aussie vacs, from 10 litre all the way through to 75 litre, feature heavy duty polypropylene barrels and the Microweb filters.

“Responsible employers specify a form of 99.9% filtration for all vacuum cleaning duties” said Marais.    “The Aussie Microweb filter comes standard in all our vacs and yet they are competitively priced.  Aussie wet dry vacs are widely used in construction, Local Government, professional cleaning contracts and even the rental market,” he said.

They are claimed to be more robust with heavier duty tools, and powerful 1200v European made electric motors

“Our pressure cleaner product range is famous for its innovation, OH & S friendly design and ability to save the consumers massive amounts of time through its higher efficiency levels,” said Marais. “We take the same approach when specifying our vacuum cleaners.   We want nothing but the best for our clients” he said

Further information on Aussie Microweb filters is available here

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